Rev. Mark Mossa, S.J. is Spring Hill’s Director of Campus Ministry.  He has been a Jesuit since 1997, and a priest since 2008.  He offers retreats throughout the country for young adults.  He holds advanced degrees in Theology, Philosophy, & English, and has studied and taught at Fordham University, Boston College, Loyola University in New Orleans, and the University of South Carolina.  He was actively involved in campus ministry at Fordham and Loyola, and also served as Director of Campus Ministry at Jesuit High School in Tampa.  Most recently at Fordham, he was a teacher and mentor in the American Catholic Studies program, and a freshman advisor.  He has authored or co-authored three books: Already There: Letting God Find You; Saint Ignatius Loyola—The Spiritual Writings; and Just War, Lasting Peace.  He is known for creatively incorporating popular culture into his ministry, teaching and writing.  It’s not a surprise to hear him quoting Pope Francis, Linkin Park, Jane Austen or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, maybe even in a single homily or lecture!

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