Student Organizations

SHAPe Community

The Spring Hill Awakening Program (SHAPe), is the largest SHC student ministry group. Twice each year, SHAPe sponsors an “Awakening” retreat where students relax, meet new people and take a closer look at their relationship with God and others through talks and faith sharing. After students participate in the retreat they are invited to be members of the SHAPe community, which meets weekly to foster and support the faith of each community member. Many leadership opportunities are offered in this peer-to-peer ministry program.

TAG3 (Taking Action for the Greater Glory of God) Youth Ministry

Students dedicated to ministering to high-school and middle school aged students.  The group plans and facilitates retreats for youth groups and schools in the region.


The Community of Sant’Edigio is a worldwide movement of lay people, based on prayer, solidarity with the poor, ecumenism lived as friendship, and dialogue as a way of co-operation.  This year the group is planning weekly prayer, several service projects and peace vigils.


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