A retreat experience offers an opportunity to grow in relationship with God and to develop individually and within the context of a community. Time spent on a retreat allows time to refocus spiritual and personal priorities and to regain a sense of the holy in everyday life.

Beginnings Retreat for First Year Students

August 29-30, 2014

This retreat, provides an overnight experience for incoming students to meet new friends and learn from upper classmen what to expect in their 1st year on the Hill.  This retreat is both relaxed and spiritual accommodating to both the retreat veteran and newcomer. Signups take place online.

Awakening Retreats (Fall & Spring)

September 26-28, 2014 and March 13-15, 2015

Commonly referred to as the SHAPe (Spring Hill Awakening Program) Retreat, these popular weekend retreats are given for students by students.  They provide students the opportunity to reflect upon their relationship with God and others.  The retreat experience consists of talks, sharing, reflection, food, fun, fellowship, and liturgical celebration. Signups take place online.

8 Week Directed Retreat for Faculty and Staff

Begins the Week of February 15

An experience for faculty and staff during Lent to meet weekly with a ebony porn spiritual director for deepening one’s prayer life. An informational lunch meeting will take place on February 19, 2014.

Busy Person’s Retreat

March 1-5, 2015

A four day on-campus retreat for students, faculty and staff designed to fit around the schedule of a busy life with times to pray, reflect on scripture and meet with a spiritual director.  The focus of this retreat is to create time for prayer and spiritual reflection during the course of our busy lives.  All members of the campus community are invited to attend this “30-30-30″ retreat.  Retreats commit 30 minutes of each retreat day to meeting with a spiritual director, communal prayer with other participants, and individual daily prayer.  This retreat takes place during Lent.

Urban Plunge

The Urban Plunge is a one day retreat where students are invited to immerse themselves in the issues of social justice facing their local community.  Students will spend time with local non-profit agencies getting to know people who are faced with poverty, homelessness, hunger, and lack of healthcare.  We will reflect on the experiences of the people we meet and how we are called to meet the world’s deep hunger in our local community.

Senior Retreat

April 10-11. 2015

A time for seniors to reflect on their years at Spring Hill and the next steps they will take after graduation.  This overnight retreat is offered for students to think about how their experience on the Hill has helped them to answer the questions: who am I, whose am I, and who am I called to be.


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