Social Justice Trips Agendas

Nearly all American Italy-based study abroad programs offer some form of travel for their students, yet the majority of them focus on traditional Western European destinations. The Spring Hill College Italy Center differs from the others in that we work hard to expose you to complex global issues impacting Italy and the planet. The focus of the Social Justice Based Travel programs allows our students to observe injustices in the world, to reflect on the issues, and to develop skills in order to take future action. These trips are called “Road Work,” as the nature of each trip requires academic readings that are directly tied to each of the current semester’s courses. The Italy Center calendar is aligned with the Spring Hill College Mobile academic calendar. All courses are for a grade: no “pass or fail” options are granted.

Road Work trips will rotate each semester:
Assisi: Interfaith Dialogue
Bosnia and Croatia: A look into the future?
Italy and the Environment: Venice, the Veneto, & Friuli Regions
Puglia: Italy and Immigration
Rome: Italy and the Rom (Gypsies)
Morocco: Climate Change and North Africa
Northern Ireland: Conflict Resolution
Poland: Human Rights – the Holocaust to the European Union
Tunisia: Islam and Democratization / Climate Change

Service Learning Immersion Trips (two-week excursion):
Gambia, West Africa: A service and interfaith study trip (May 2013)
India: A service and interfaith study trip (May 2014)