Italy Center Travel Fall 2019


Venice Orientation Tour (September 8 & 9)

4715151316_deba6e8312_bThe entire Italy Center community will spend two days exploring Venice past and present. We will be staying in the secluded Giudecca neighborhood allowing us to escape the throngs of tourists to experience a more authentic Venice. The tour will include visits to Venice’s historic churches and Piazza San Marco. Day two will take us to the Biennale Di Venezia Art Festival, which is considered one of world’s most renowned modern art gatherings that takes place every two years. (  )



Mid-Semester Tour Options: Poland & Germany OR The Italian Alps: October 2-8

The Venice Orientation and either the Berlin Wall Tour or the Environmental Justice Tour are included in your program fees for the semester.  Upon arrival in Bologna students will enter a lottery allowing them to select their tour choice. Results of the lottery selection will be made available during Orientation week.

IMG_8277Poland & Germany: Three Decades After the Fall of the Berlin Wall
In the early 1980’s Poland catalyzed by shipyard workers in Gdansk and encouraged by Pope John Paul II set the stage for the fall of communism across Eastern Europe.  Celebrating three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall this tour will allow participants to meet with academics and activists to learn about the successes and failures of the capitalist foundations that have come to the region. The tour will also include a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration camps.  Cities to be visits include Krakow, Warsaw and Berlin. The tour includes travel, hotels, breakfast and some group meals.





The Italian Alps and Switzerland: Environmental Justice Tour Students will stay in a farmhouse located in the Piedmont Alps region boarding Switzerland. The first three days will include hands-on work with the Canova Association rebuilding medieval homes, hikes and incredible farm to table meals.  The Italy Center has collaborated with the Canova Association since the year 2013 ( ). This unique project offer students the opportunity to learn about the environmental concerns in the Ossola Valley and specifically how the 1000 year old traditions where locals live close to the land are changing rapidly due to restrictions being implemented by the European Union.  Students will also learn about the permaculture farm movement in the valley. The tour will then depart from the Ossola Valley and head north to Switzerland for meetings at international environmental agencies which are headquartered in Geneva. The tour includes travel, hotels, breakfast and some group meals.



Thanksgiving Break – Holy Land Tour: Israel and Palestine Today (Optional & extra cost)

Ajerusalem-556044_960_720lbeit difficult to understand this complex part of our world during a brief Thanksgiving weekend tour, students will gain an insight to social, religious and economic challenges facing this divided region. The trip will include visits to important pilgrimage sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Visits will also be made to modern destinations including the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, local non-profits and peace building projects. Students will learn about the historical context of modern headlines in the region, through the words of local experts.  This tour will be open to students based on an application and selection process.

This tour is not listed as part of the mandatory (and pre paid) Fall Social Justice Tours.  Students will be given the opportunity to take part in the visit to Israel and Palestine over Thanksgiving Break.  Details as to the costs and application procedures will be listed on this website mid summer. The tour is limited to 10 students.