Italy Center Travel Intensive: Fall 2020

The SHC Italy Center intends to reopen in September for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Italy Center will not look like it has in the traditional sense, as new health measures will be put in place to allow for social distancing and enhanced safety.  The health, safety and well being of our students will remain our highest priority.

The Fall Semester program will offer seventeen school sponsored travel days all within Italy.  A total of seven faculty led tours will bring students to nooks and crannies of this remarkably diverse country.  On campus classes and off campus tours are all designed to comply with government regulations in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Program Dates:

In Italy Instruction – September 12 to December 6
Remote Final Lectures and Exams – December 8 -16

These new program dates reduce the actual time spent living in Italy to under 90 days so that students do not need to obtain a visa.  International Students please contact us at to see if additional paperwork or visa is needed for entry to Italy. 

Students are encouraged to apply for the Fall program; applications will be accepted until July 15.



Orientation Tour Rimini – Adriatic Coast (September 18, 19, 20)

Urbino 1Rimini is on Italy’s east coast, located about 60 miles south of Bologna. The Orientation will begin with a visit to Ravenna, home to Rimini - Tiberius Bridgesome of the most magnificent mosaics in the Byzantine world. Tour highlights also include Urbino, featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its Renaissance beauties. The relaxing weekend will then be spent in Rimini which is known for its beaches and food and its impressive Roman architecture.  Orientation activities will include lectures from faculty as to how one can best manage his/her semester and absorb all that Italy has to offer. 


Venice (October 2, 3, 4)

4715151316_deba6e8312_bVenice is a jewel and compares to no other city in the world.  Our tour will begin by meeting with activists to understand the impact of tourism and climate change, which are both bringing down this historic city. Time will also be set aside to explore Venice’s rich cultural history; highlights will include a guided tour of the 9th century Palazzo Ducale, which served as the seat of the Republic’s government, and will culminate enjoying an evening of classical Venetian music.



Art History Day Tour – Padova (October 9)

Photo Day Tour Art History-min

Padova is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures in northern Italy. Galileo Galilei was a lecturer at its University, founded in 1222 – one of the oldest in the world. Padova is also famous for its architecture, including Sant’Antonio cathedral and the Scrovegni Chapel, where frescoes were completed in 1305 by Giotto. The tour will be led  by Italy Center’s Art Historian Piergiacomo Petrioli and English Literature Professor Lee Foust.



Apennine Mountains – Borgo Basino Farm (October 16, 17, 18)

borgo basino backyard

Borgo Basino is a multifunctional farm located 50 miles south of Bologna. During the course of this environmentally focused weekend, students will learn about folk schools and ecovillage movements.  Borgo Basino is part of a grassroots effort occurring across the globe to create more holistic lifestyles which are good for humans and the planet.  Time will be set aside for hikes, workshops on environmental issues, and hands-on exploration of the farm.



Puglia Southern Italy (November 4 – 8)


Traveling to the heel of Italy, students will begin in Brindisi where they will hear from refugees about their lives surviving the treacherous journey across the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.  The tour will also include meetings with the Libera NGO staff who have played a key role in advocating for justice in the region, and now, with the support of refugees themselves, manage fields that were once owned and controlled by the area’s mafia.  The tour will include a half-day hike in the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and perhaps the best food you will taste in all of Italy.



Art History Day Tour – Parma (November 13)


Parma is best known for its contributions to the world of food, but it also happens to be one of Italy’s most beautiful cities known for its monuments, castles, and art. The tour will be led by Italy Center’s Art Historian Piergiacomo Petrioli.



Trieste – Northern Italy (Thanksgiving November, 27, 28, 29)


The Thanksgiving Tour will allow students to explore the diverse history and contemporary richness of the Italian/Slovenian border region, beginning with its largest city, Trieste, an Ancient Roman port on the Adriatic Sea that became the border between Northern and Southern Europe as part of the Habsburg Empire and East and West during the Cold War. Trieste has long been a locus of politics and culture, a multicultural magnet for expatriate and native writers and activists. This region was a contested border in both World Wars and features WWI cemeteries and trenches, the only concentration camp in Italy, as well as a legacy of resistance to Fascism. Students will stay in Trieste’s medieval city center and participate in interactive tours of these sites.