Fall Social Justice Opening Tour:

Hungary & Southeastern Europe

If you are interested in studying abroad, we argue that you will find few programs (if any) that launch your semester with a packed ten-day orientation tour that will take you to corners of Europe that few Americans ever encounter. We like to steer off the beaten path.  The Fall Opening Tour includes travel and study in Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Highlights include:

Budapest, Hungary:  Composer György Ligeti once said; “if you are coming from Paris to Budapest you think you are in Moscow. If you arrive from Moscow to Budapest you think you are in Paris.” This city, where the East meets the West, is a jewel chock-full of history, nightlight, communist kitsch, thermal baths, and a young music and art scene.  You’ll love it.

Split, Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast, is consistently rated as one of the world’s most scenic destinations (Lonely Planet Guide, National Geographic, & Nature Magazine). The coast consists of 1185 islands with pristine waters. Croatia is relatively unknown among Americans but is widely viewed by Europeans as one of the continent’s best beach destination.

Mostar, Bosnia:  Why Mostar? Mostar was the most heavily shelled city in all of Southeastern Europe during the wars that followed the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. The suffering in Mostar was horrific from 1992 to 1995. To this day the City remains primarily ethnically divided between Catholics and Muslims. Spring Hill students will hear from survivors and meet with religious leaders in efforts to gain insight into reconciliation efforts in the region.

Sarajevo, Bosnia:  Muslim minarets are now predominant in a town where Muslims, Jews, Orthodox Christians, and Catholics once lived in harmony. Alluring Baščaršija (Old Town) is a mix of cafés, artisan shops, and trendy bars. The New York Times recently listed Sarajevo as one of the 20 most “up and coming cities” in the world for music and art. Tourists are astonished that a nation which has suffered so much, has produced a city with such vitality.  In the 1990s, this was a city and people on the edge of annihilation, but today it has become a favorite destination for travelers.