Cultural Trips Agendas

You’ve come all this way, so you’d better get to know Italy. Our staff will assist you in finding breathing space away from the tourists in cafes, museums, and off-the-beaten path destinations that Italians truly love. With the exception of Orientation and Closing Tours, which are paid for as part of your Italy Center package, students will be expected to pay for the field trips and the weekend programs.

Students, on their own, are also encouraged to coordinate day and weekend trips. Depending on the nature of the student-led trip, an Italy Center staff member may join the group on their trips. Prices will range from $25 for a day trip to $300 for a weekend excursion.

Examples of typical Spring Hill Coordinated Trips and Student Coordinated Trips are:

Alps: Choose to ski in either Switzerland or the world-famous Dolomites
Florence: The Uffizi Gallery
Marzabotto (one hour from Bologna): A World War II tour massacre never forgotten
Milan: Fashion Week
Ravenna: Christian and Byzantine Mosaics
Rome: The Vatican, the Colosseum, and Mass in the room of St. Ignatius
San Marino: Europe’s third smallest nation
Sicily: Winter sunshine and ancient Greek and Roman ruins
Tuscany: Biking tour to discover food and wine, includes a cooking class
Verona: World-famous opera conducted in a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheater
Venice: International Film Festival
Venice: Carnivale (Mardi Gras Italian style)