Travel Philosophy

Travel with a purpose. We do not base our travel on guide books–we take you deeper in order to explore the real issues of our travel destinations.

Why combine travel and academics? It is often assumed that travel in itself is a learning experience. On the contrary, many young Americans travel through Europe but fail to reflect, integrate and act on the valuable lessons that can be gained from the experience.

In order to deepen the knowledge that one may acquire while traveling, academic “Road Work” is incorporated into the SHC Italy Center curriculum. The academic travel trips are led by Spring Hill College Italy faculty members and take students to destinations in Italy and across the broader Mediterranean region. Faculty are asked to design their courses in order to connect the classroom lessons with the travel programs. In keeping with the Spring Hill College goal of helping our students to become global thinkers, learners and collaborators, the Italy Center curriculum strives to offer a campus without walls.

2015-2016 Academic Year Travel Opportunities

**All trips are subject to change including but not limited to a shift in US State Department travel policies**

Extended tours (this does not include day trips) can be paid for in advance on the Spring Hill TMS site. Trip payment is available beginning week one of each semester.


Fall Tours:

Greece: Orientation Social Justice Tour (included in program fees)

Poland: Auschwitz and Human Rights Conference

Paris: Art History Trip


Spring Tours:

Swiss Alps: Ski and Snowshoe Orientation Program (included in program fees)

Puglia: Immigration and Anti-mafia campaigns

Sicily: Identity and Immigration

Istanbul: Social Justice Tour (included in program fees)


Summer Tours:

Venice: Environmental Justice (alternating summers)

The Balkans: Social Justice Tour in Croatia and Bosnia (included in program fees)

Italian Alps: Cultural Preservation (alternating summers)


*Please see Travel with Us for more information on our trips.