The Student Hotel

Photo Student Hotel 1 Photo Studnt Hotel 4 Photo Student Hotel 3Fall Semester students will have the option of living at The Student Hotel that attracts students and young professionals seeking an international environment in a state of the art facility. The residence is not your typical hotel but is a hybrid community of students, travellers and entrepreneurs connected in a unique facility sharing space, chill out lounges, libraries, gyms and an all day dining restaurant.

Italy Center students will reside in a separate floor of the Hotel and will be supported by an on site Spring Hill College Program Coordinator. Breakfast and dinner are included six days per week. Classes are conduced at the Italy Center Camplus Alma Mater and Poggeschi Center locations that are approximately a 15-minute walk from The Student Hotel. The Student Hotel is ideal for upperclassmen and those who have been living in independent apartments while studying in the United States.