Italy Center Internship Program

The Italy Center internship program may differ from other study abroad projects in that we aim to create a learning environment where one will think more deeply about complex issues facing Italy, the broader Mediterranean and the planet. The primary focus of the internship program is to allow participants to better understand the lives of others, especially the impoverished and those living on the margins of society in Bologna.

A few prior placements include:

Bologna World Wildlife Fund (WWF):  Works to creates sustainable environmentally conscious projects in Italy.

Cestas Immigration Support Center: Provides resources for immigrants who have recently arrived in Italy.

GVC: GVC fights against human rights violations by operating relief projects in 27 developing nations.

The internship program is not available to all academic majors.  The vast majority of placements are within the international relations, human rights, and social justice realms.  Students tend to be placed in local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and community based service agencies.  Occasionally, with advanced planning, students have been placed in business sector internships and within arts agencies in the City.  Students with a specific career interests (i.e. Opera, Finance, etc.) must contact the Italy Center months in advance to determine if such possibilities are doable within the constraints of the Italy Center.