Social Justice Philosophy

When you join the SHC Italy Center community, you will live and study like a local in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You can expect to be challenged and enriched in a globally focused set of classes and to travel with purpose.

The human rights focus of SHC Italy Center is anchored in social justice travel. The program integrates traditional classroom learning (in English) with travels that expand your global perspective. During your stay abroad, you can traverse Europe’s great capitals; meet with immigrants; hear from business, religious and political leaders; witness firsthand how Italians are combating climate change; intern for a human rights agency; and discover Italy’s nooks and crannies – all while living in one of the Mediterranean’s consistently top-rated university towns.

By joining the Spring Hill College Italy community you will: travel and make new friends with your fellow American Spring Hill classmates, live like a local Italian college student studying in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, encounter a European and globally focused set of classes, and travel with the purpose of witnessing social injustices – all of which will transform your life so that you, in turn, may work toward transforming the world.