My Mostar

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Dark Tourism or Justice Education

Aida Omanovic wrote this article for the Italy Center. She kindly hosts the Italy Center students during our visit to Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina), which includes meetings with religious leaders and directors of various NGOs (click here to view a sample agenda of the Summer and Fall Italy Center Social Justice Tours […]

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Summer of Service 2014

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Bologna, Bosnia, & Bonner Scholars

Bonner students may be eligible for summer funding to participate in the Summer of Service.   Prior Bonner Scholars have acquired 200 + hour of community work while participating in the Italy Center’s summer session.




The photo was shot […]

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Language Immersion

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What Have You Learned While Abroad?

Lets face it, the cost of a college degree is not cheap and one’s semester abroad needs to be justified for its value added (or not) towards ones academic and career goals.   At a minimum a student should walk away from a semester abroad having met locals and having […]

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Heavy Metal Islam

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Not the Arab World That You Know

Music has often been associated with evil. Legend has it that Elvis was possessed by the devil, John Lennon made a pact with Satan in exchange for fame, and Lady Gaga, who was raised Catholic, worships the devil and uses her music to brainwash the world’s youth.

This […]

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Summer 2013 Program Announced!

On September 8, 2012 By

Summer 2013 at the Italy Center

That’s right everyone–the summer 2013 program has been announced. We have all the details for the program here and feel free to apply when you are done reading as we are now accepting applications!

Summer 2013 Program Flyer

The summer program has undergone some changes this year as […]

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The Italy Center staff is currently working on developing a new social justice tour that will run for the first time in Fall 2013: Cyprus and Turkey. Here is the mission that we have written to drive the development of the new tour:

The mission of the Italy Center in Turkey & Cyprus program is […]

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The Italy Center Spring Social Justice Tunisia Tour offers students an up close and personal account of the Arab Spring.  The initial leg of the tour includes meetings with young leaders, Tunisian academics and U.S. Diplomats including Ambassador Gordon Grey.  In this feature story Italy Center Director Todd Waller captures the sentiments shared by Tunisians […]

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Summer of Service

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Environmental Field Work in the Italian Alps

Summer Session students will have a unique opportunity to explore first-hand the environmental challenges facing the Swiss and Italian Alps region. Ken Marquardt is President of the Canova Association which is located near the town of Domodossola. Ken reflects on his vision in this feature story.

The […]

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