Summer 2014 at the Italy Center

The Italy Center offers a full summer program every year. However, it does change from year to year so please check it every year  if you are considering joining us during the summer. Below is the latest news post regarding the announcement of the Summer 2014 Program.

Download (PDF, 296KB)

That’s right everyone–the summer 2014 program has been announced. We have all the details for the program here and feel free to apply when you are done reading as we are now accepting applications!

The summer program has undergone some changes this year as part of our continued effort to create mission driven programming for our students. The program this year will be a one session program similar to last year’s program. However, unlike last summer, students will be able to take 3 or 6 credits worth of coursework this summer!

This year participants will travel to the Balkans as a group for 11 days of social justice travel and will be offered an optional 3-day trip to the Italian Alps focused on Environmental Studies. The program will run a total of 7 weeks but students will be in Europe for a total of 5 weeks. The remaining two weeks will occur as delayed online coursework directed towards reflecting on their experiences both academically and personally. The flyer has a calendar of dates that will help clarify how the program is structured this year.

The academic options this year are listed below. Contact us directly for course descriptions and/or syllabi:

  • Philosophy 230: Philosophy of Religion
  • Theology 345: Religion & Culture
  • Italian 381: Intermediate or Advanced Italian
  • Social Science 295: Human Rights and Global Change (service learning course)

Again, we are now accepting applications so please apply now if you are interested! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the program.