Italy Center Internship Program

The Spring Hill Italy Center Humanities Internship provides students with a unique opportunity to think more deeply about complex issues facing Italy, the broader Mediterranean area, and the world.

Planning ahead is critical in order to acquire an internship. Students are asked to apply at least two months prior to the start of the academic semester. All interested applicant are to send a brief email indicating your interest in a possible internship. Correspondence is to be sent to

Recent examples of placements include:

  • Cestas: Fights against underdevelopment in the name of solidarity and human rights by operating relief projects in 27 countries.
  • Piazza Grande: works alongside the homeless community in Bologna for individual reintegration and self-determination within a more humane society.
  • BiodiverCity: encourages environmental awareness in the community through involvement in various projects, such as setting up urban gardens and working with children in agricultural community projects.