Throughout the world, the Jesuits are synonymous with excellence in education and caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. In the Jesuit tradition, the Spring Hill College Italy Center offers a well-rounded education that will shape students’ leadership skills and strengthen their commitment to social justice and serving others.

The majority of courses offered are considered “core” classes, generally mid-level offerings in numerous areas of study including humanities, social science and business. Students typically plan with their adviser to take a number of the core requirements and/or electives during their study abroad. Additionally, students often complete their foreign language requirements while living abroad.

The Italy Center curriculum integrates social justice issues into our students’ academic work, whether it’s completing “Road Work” assignments in preparation for and during their Social Justice Tour, or taking our students outside the classroom and engaging them in the world around them. Our faculty is dedicated to encouraging student development and growth through current events and things their students can see and touch – not just things they read about in books or articles.