The Spring Hill Italy Center Humanities Internship Program provides students with a unique opportunity to think more deeply about complex issues facing Italy, the broader Mediterranean area, and the world. Here are some experiences from recent interns:


Autumn Homer Autumn Homer (Environmental Studies) — Stetson University

“During my semester I was an intern at the University Of Bologna’s Agricultural Department. I assisted with a range of projects from researching how ‘green walls’ might improve air quality in schools and hospitals to helping from community gardens which worked to integrate local communities together to create a healthy environmental impact. This internship inspired me to try and implement these ideas back in the Unites States because it is truly a great way for communities to expand and grow while allowing the world to grow with it.”


Catie Alviti Catie Alviti (Biology) — Saint Louis University

“I interned at Istituto Farini, where I assisted in teaching English to middle school students. Throughout this experience, I was able to work specifically with children with disabilities, which has allowed me to see how disabilities are treated differently in Italy and gave me a new perspective on such treatment in the United States.”

Andrew GonzalesAndrew Gonzales (International Studies: Peace & Conflict) — University of San Francisco

“I was an intern at the Movimento Identita’ Transessuale (MIT), a NGO that defends and supports the rights of transsexuals, transvestites, transgender, and genderqueer. LGBT issue organizations are relatively new compared to the United States, so I was the first intern for this organization. My work mostly involved me helping with anything that needed English proofreading. I also researched and helped facilitate various events. MIT is a wonderful organization that is providing a vital service for a usually unrecognized and discriminated social group. Though this internships was trying at times, it provided a window into a community I would have never probably interacted with otherwise.

Katie WertheimerKatie Wertheimer (History) — The College of New Jersey

“I interned with organization called Happy Center Bolognina (HCBO+), which is an organization that combats homelessness through social inclusion. My role was to work alongside the homeless to create a crowdfunding platform to help send members of HCBO+, members and of the homeless community, and policy makers from Bologna to San Francisco to learn about social work in other cities. During my internship, I was exposed to the idea that society’s views of the homeless is equally as detrimental as the issue of homelessness. I found that the organization’s commitment and dedication to social justice commendable. It was an experience that reminded my why I want to dedicate my life to social work.”

Emily LaRosaEmily LaRosa (Finance) — The College of New Jersey

“I interned at the Center of Health Education and Appropriate Health Technologies (CESTAS), which is a NGO that promotes worldwide access to higher education and health care services by implementing new information and communication technologies, new languages, and learning approaches. With this internship I learned how to properly organize large projects that involved coordinating from people from all over the world. My experience at CESTAS was a great way for me to gain practical experience and see the business side of a NGO.”