Professor Testimonials

Cathy Swender

Dr. Catherine Swender is a Professor in the English & Writing Department.

Dr. Swender currently teaches an Intro to Poetry service learning course with the support of the Foley Center.

Service learning, to Dr.Swender, is service that goes both ways. This type of service is built on relationships. They learn and grow from each other. She chooses to do service-learning because it is a way for her to be more creative with her own teaching and gives her a strong sense of validation that her teaching has an impact. Dr. Swender also hopes that her students’ eyes would be opened to issues such as racism, poverty, education gaps, and other social injustices by forming relationships with people that are different from them.

Overall, Dr. Swender believes that, “Service learning is deeply rewarding for the students. I love doing it and seeing how it affects my students. Without a doubt, it positively impacts them on and off campus.”

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