Our Mission at Work

“With great devotion and new depth of feeling,
I hope and beg O God, that it finally be given me
to be the servant and minister of Christ the consoler,
the minister of Christ the redeemer,
the minister of Christ the healer,
the liberator, the enricher, the strengthener.
To be able through You to help many – to console, liberate, and give them courage;
to bring them light not only for their spirit but also for their bodies,
and to bring comfort for each and every one of my neighbors.”
St. Peter Faber, S.J., A First Jesuit (1542)

The Albert S. Foley, S.J. Center was founded in the fall of 1992 by the President of Spring Hill College to honor the life of Father Albert J. Foley, S.J., a champion of civil and human rights. The Albert J. Foley Community Service Center, S.J. was charged to further the college mission to form leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice and service for life.

The Foley Center serves this mission goal each year through the involvement of almost 500 students in weekly direct service, faculty who utilize service learning in their courses, and 48 community partners. Each year the students perform roughly 25,000 hours of service. According to — that is an estimated $575,000 of value added to the community. In addition, dozens of students, faculty, and staff collaborate with the Foley Center on special initiatives throughout the year.



In addition to placing students at community partner sites, the Foley Center sponsors several initiatives:

  •         English as a Second Language Program

   ESL classes hold meetings twice a week on evenings during the fall and spring semester; over 25 students provide over 1,000 hours of class instruction and childcare for 70 immigrant families. The Foley Center has formed strategic partnerships with Catholic Social Services Refugee Resettlement Program and Dwell Mobile to provide resources to assist their programs.

  •         Foley Center Afterschool Tutoring Programs:

   The Foley Center provides tutoring sessions at both Blount and Vigor High Schools as well as Chastang and Pillans Middle Schools; 20 plus tutors at each site provide hundreds of onsite tutoring and mentoring hours at these partnering high schools.