About Fr. Foley

The Foley Community Service Center was named in honor of Father Albert Sidney Foley Jr. S.J. a professor of sociology, and a champion of civil rights in Mobile, AL. Father Foley worked with fellow leaders of the movement like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mayor Joseph Langan, in efforts to bring about racial equality in a region that still embraced racial segregation. Thanks to his work for social justice, Spring Hill College was the first college in Alabama, and one of the fist in the Deep South, to desegregate. This achievement is mentioned in Dr. Kings Letter From a Birmingham Jail.

Father Foley’s work also lead to the desegregation of Mobile businesses, and downtown lunch counters. His efforts to right the injustices of racism further included his work investigating police brutality against black prisoners, tracking KKK members, and teachings the moral injustice of inequality throughout his life.

In honor of his memory, Foley Center continues Fr. Foley’s social justice legacy by having our students commit to direct service with people who face the hardships of discrimination and poverty, deepening their understanding of the struggles the marginalized still face. This service promotes the transformation of our students into leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice and service for life.


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