As a current college student, it is unlikely that you have accumulated enough experience to fill up all of the sections below.  Remember that a vita is a lifelong document! Eventually, you will be adding more sections, or you may have an additional section to add which is unique to your own experiences. Complete what is appropriate for you now and add on as you obtain additional experiences.

1)      Heading

Name, Address, Phone, e-mail

2)      Education

List in reverse chronological order starting with ebony porn the most recent.


a) name of college/university

b) graduation/expected graduation

c) major/minor or plan of study

d) degree earned/expected

e) GPA

3)      Significant Coursework

Pay attention to the word “significant”. List courses that are very significant to your educational or academic goals or courses that are unique and show special skills. This should be limited to four courses. Only list the course titles, not numbers.

4)      Employment

List relevant job experiences in chronological order starting with the most recent.


a)      name of employer

b)      city of employer

c)      dates you worked

d)      job title

e)      duties and responsibilities (use action verbs)(see attached list)

5)      Professional Experience

This includes any activity that helped you develop skills. Internships, practicums or volunteering are good examples of professional experiences. Format these experiences the same as #4 above. Remember to use action verbs.

6)      Research

List each research experience you have had. Explain the study population, hypotheses and your duties in detail using paragraph format.  Remember to use appropriate terminology relevant to your field of study and the research you did.

7)      Workshops/Lectures

List any workshops or lectures you attended or presented. Describe them in detail using paragraph format. Include the dates attended and locations.

8)      Publications

If you have produced research publications and other articles, list them in reference format. Remember that these must be professional publications where you were a significant part of the published work.

9)      Teaching

List any teaching experiences you have had. Use the same format as #4 and #5 above.

10)  Honors and Awards

List these by their titles. Remember to put dates.

11)  Professional Memberships

List all academic and professional societies in which you are a member.

12)  Additional Skills

List any other skills you feel are relevant to your area.

13)  Activities

List any activities that show your potential and skill.


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