Send a hand written thank you card 

Directly after you complete your interview, find a quiet location to write a thank you letter to your interviewer. Your letter can be typed, e-mailed or hand written. It is recommended to hand write-using very neat writing-a brief card thanking the interviewer for his/her time. Then, reiterate your skills and qualities and close with your signature.

A hand written note is more likely to be displayed on a desk and not immediately recycled or deleted.

Follow up

If you have not heard back from the employer within two weeks, follow up and inquire about your status. Simply phone the interviewer, let him/her know that you are still interested and tell him/her you are happy to answer any other questions necessary.

Allow the interviewer to take it from here. You will most likely learn something about your status at this point. Keep the phone call brief, appreciative and to the point.


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