Internship Programs at Spring Hill College

Internship Programs through Student Academic Services at Spring Hill College offer students a career related work-learning opportunity for elective academic credit. Students obtain graded elective academic credit after completing all requirements listed on the internship syllabus. If, after reading about our program, you would like to hire an intern, Click Here for instructions on how to post an opportunity.

About Hiring an Intern

  1. See Cachinko’s “12 Questions Your Job Ad Should Answer” that describes tips on how to write a strong internship description.
  2. Before you offer a student an internship, discuss work hours and other logistics with him/her. Once you have finalized the internship with the student, the student will bring the required paperwork for you to sign in order to receive credit for the internship.
  3. Throughout the internship period, the intern will write reflection blogs and other assignments through Spring Hill College. A mid term evaluation and a final evaluation will be required and the intern is responsible for scheduling a time to meet with you and supply all documentation for the evaluations. See the sample syllabus for examples of assignments.
  4. You are not required to pay your intern; however, if you don’t you must follow the US DOL Wage and Hours Division’s Fair Labor Standards Act Fact Sheet #71 for Internship Programs.

Additional Resources

1) ebony porn National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

“Legal Issue Surrounding Internships”

2) “12 Steps to Setting up an Internship Program

Internship credits and work hours are as follows:

3 credits=120 hours of work for the semester

Internships are for three hours of credit and students will be registered for an internship ONLY after they have an approved placement from the Spring Hill College internship coordinator!

Internship I (3 credits): An active learning experience in a professional working environment related to a student’s major or career of interest.

a) 60 hours of earned credit (transfer students, 24 hours must be earned at SHC)

b) Faculty recommendation and,

c) At least a 2.5 cumulative GPA

Internship II (3 credits): Students who successfully complete Internship I may register for credit in Internship II. Internship II is designed as a second internship experience that provides a higher-level experience or different career focus.

a) 60 earned hours (transfer students, 24 hours must be earned at SHC)

b) Faculty recommendation and,

c) At least a 2.5 cumulative GPA

Pre-law Internship (3 credits): Students will gain experience in a professional law environment. This internship is designed for students considering a future in a law environment. This internship is recommended for pre-law minors.

a) 60 earned hours (transfer students, 24 hours must be earned at SHC)

b) At least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and,

c) Permission from the Pre-Law advisor.                                                                        


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