Alumna in need of professional development services can utilize the following resources:


Job Postings and Networking Connections

Badger Job Board

Job Search and Career Change

Currently SHC has limited resources for assisting Alums in their Career & Professional Development. Therefore, the following high impact on-line resources are recommended.

SHC SHooc Tutorial-This is a Spring Hill College open online course that Alums can access for assistance on getting set up with a job search or career change. The course is free of charge for Alums and can be accessed by request. E-mail to request access to the SHooc.

CareerHMO-This is an online career coaching service that allows the users to select his/her level of coaching preferred. All coaching is done via e-mail, phone and webinar and is a top notch coaching service. ebony porn Check out the link to read through the options.



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