“My name is CareerDr ELiz and I am an NFL addict.”

“Hi ELiz.”

Now that the NFL has entered its final few weeks, all is right with MY world and the Super Bowl cannot come soon enough.  My tradition of stocking up on chips, salsa and my favorite beverages has begun. I have designated my favorite lounge chair as off limits for everyone else in my household.

So, what does my stock pile of snacks and easy chair limits have to do with accomplishing amazing things in 2 minutes? Well, nothing really. But, it sets up this post perfectly. You see, one of the many reasons I watch the NFL is because of the thrilling moments that can occur in the last 2 minutes of a game. It is incredible how much a team can accomplish when the game clock is ticking down after the 2 minute warning.

So, if an NFL team can be so productive in such a short amount of time, why can’t we all? Here are my ideas for transferring the 2 minute drill of NFL strategy into our own professional work strategy.

Use your Time Outs Wisely. How many of us are guilty of wasting time at work or school taking breaks, being social, snooping into others’ business and surfing the net? Just imagine how much more productive we could be if we saved our time outs to use when we truly needed to regroup, assess our situation and head back to the job with a fresh new strategy.

Hug the Side Lines. When time is running out and you have little or no time outs, move forward, stay close to the side lines and step out of bounds when you can go no further. What a great strategy to use when you are stuck on a project, idea, or compromise. Step out of bounds, stop everything, allow yourself some down time and head back in when you are ready to move forward again.

Go with a No Huddle. This is a classic example of how important it is to know, utilize and truly appreciate the strengths of each of your teammates. The better you know your teammates, their individual strengths and how to utilize these strengths, the less time you will spend in meetings and on committees deciding on how to do things, who to assign and what might work. Instead, this time will be spent actually building strategy, assigning tasks and making progress.

Throw Long. Sometimes you just need to take a risk, trust your best people and toss a long bomb. If it works, it is quite thrilling and you have made some great progress. If it doesn’t work, you lose a little bit of time, the clock stops, you get a chance to regroup and you head back in for a new strategy.

So the next time you need a break, get stuck on a project or just feel like taking a risk, ask yourself the following: “What would Drew Brees do?” And, if you can’t come up with a good answer, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help out. Just don’t contact me on Sunday during the Super Bowl.


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