Answer the following interview question regarding your internship: “Tell us about the top skills and qualities that you developed from your internship experience and how will you use them in a professional position?”


4 Responses to Reflection Blog #5

  1. Breanna Veth says:

    The most valuable skills that I have learned so far at my internship is how to act and communicate in a workplace setting. And also, the best way to present yourself and what you are representing. It is all about the perception people receive from you, that is what makes an impression on them. You can be a great worker but leave a bad impresson and as a result have no further relationship with whomever you spoke with. I believer this realization/skill will be extremely useful in the future with networking and creating business relationships. On top of that is will be useful for when I am even looking for a job because of past relationships I have already formed using this technique.

  2. Cody Walker says:

    I am very organized and can complete an expected volume of assigned or related activities. I am flexible in effectively dealing with new or unusual situations. I perceive relationships with statistics and make sound decisions I am confident in making. Confidence in yourself, allows you to have confidence in the work place. This could be during a public speaking moment, or during a meeting. I think that it is just as important to be socialy ingenuitive in the business world as it is to be smart. Creating relationships is very important.

  3. Mamie Jaynes says:

    In response to Holly

    I think that confidence and a “can-do” attitude or two extremely impotent attributes to have in the current job market. It’s awesome that you do not become defeated or frustrated by things that you may not know exactly how to do and jump right in to tackle them. Those skills will give you an edge in you profession career and allow you to go further than some of your peers.

  4. Anthony Harris says:

    I’m responding to Breanna here:

    I found out quite a bit about workplace communication too. There was a period during my stay at Phelps Dunbar in which I was basically assigning my own projects. In order to do that, I had to ask around the office to see if anyone could use a little help with whatever they were working on. I met a lot of fresh faces that way and keeping those interactions professional and friendly actually scored me the work I needed to fill out the necessary hours. It was dandy.