Identify the most significant thing you have learned about yourself since beginning your internship. Talk about what that is, how you feel about this new found knowledge and how you think it will effect you-either negatively or positively-in your future professional endeavors.


12 Responses to Reflection Blog #2

  1. Breanna Veth says:

    The one thing that has become most evident since beginning my internship is what I do and do not enjoy doing as far as work is concerned. I have learned that I am most productive when working on various different projects instead of working by the same schedule everyday. I really enjoy the variety and it keeps me more focused. This realization has given me direction on what I want to do in the future and what I would be best at. Also it enables me to narrow down choices and know more what to look for. Overall this gained knowledge will effect me very positively in the future because I am now know more to help me in the future.

  2. Cody Walker says:

    One of the most important things I have learned about myself since starting this internship is how fast it is required for you to adapt to your environment. “Time is money” and since I was very focused with my time management and expectations with the internship, we (the other interns) have accomplished much more than our bosses would have imagined in month one. It is a very complicated system to catch onto but once you are able to adapt, it allows you to be more productive. This just shows you how you will always have to be keeping up with the changes that take place in your work environment at all times.

  3. John Freeman says:

    The most significant thing I have learned about myself since beginning my internship is that I do not enjoy sitting around doing mind-numbing work. The environment in which I complete this work is great and I really enjoy learning how to use certain programs associated with law, but working on one task for over two weeks is not the most enjoyable experience. Since I am not a lawyer I can understand why my job is the way it is. I am not qualified to do anything more than what I am doing. I guess that leads me to another thing I have learned about myself; that is, if I want to persue a career in law I know there will be great amounts of work equal to the work I am already doing in order to gain experience. I do not believe I could do my job everyday, but I can gain a positive outlook on the future: In order to fulfill my future career happiness I need more responsibilties. Since I am only able to perform tasks equal to my qualifications I do not hold very much responsibility. I undertand that, and I am taking away a positive experience from my work over the past few weeks. All in all I believe my internship has something more to be gained. What it is, I’m not sure, but I hope the rest of the semester will shape my work experience into something more than just a clue that I do not want to do mind-numbing work for a career.

  4. Anthony Harris says:

    I’ve learned a lot from my internship this semester. Working a dozen hours a week (and sometimes more) has rewarded me with invaluable hands-on experience and first-person insight into the field of professional law. I’ve spent time with lawyers, judges, clerks, runners, clients, and just about every other sort of person involved in the legal system and each one of those interactions has given me something new to learn about being an attorney. Law is practiced with high stakes at a very fast pace and the most significant lesson it all has taught me is that I enjoy the heck out of it. Attorneys don’t just punch in and sit behind a desk pushing pencils all day. The legal process is replete with consultation, information gathering, research, commuting, and the occasional downtime at a well-established restaurant. All in all, it makes for a high-energy, dynamic work environment with a whole spectrum of associates and clientèle. I’ve gathered a pretty positive impression of the legal universe at this point, and I can only see myself becoming more and more motivated as my internship continues. I’m still not certain that I want to pursue a career in law after Spring Hill, but I’ve tested the waters and I’m finally unafraid to dive in.

  5. Holly Shultis says:

    I feel like one of the most important things I’ve learned is connecting with my co-workers and bosses as well as our clients. So far when I just acted like myself and dared to make a joke or two it was very well received by everyone. And I know the corporate world is all about who you know so it’s a big confidence booster when I make positive relationships with my superiors, people I deal with on the phone, et cetera. I think you need to be professional and good at your job but getting along with the people you meet along the way is one of the keys to success. I feel like it is important to build these connections to have a healthy environment at work not to mention you never know who you might need help from one day. So far I have really enjoyed connected with the New York Life agents.

  6. Kathryn Renik says:

    I feel like I have learned that while repetition makes me more comfortable and efficient with the wrong I am doing it also makes me less excited about doing the work and I have to work harder to focus when I am reviewing for errors. I have also learned that everyone does things a different way and part of my work has consisted of compling and checking the work done by others, but I like this part because it has taught me to watch for small details to improve a document or entry that will make searching for the item easier when the lawyers at the firm actually need to use them. I think my work here will positively influence my future work because it has opened my eyes to some of the more repetitive tasks that I will experience at a normal job, but learning these skills now will mean that I will be more qualified for the tasks I will be assigned at my next job.

  7. Anna Boggs says:

    Since starting my internship I’ve come to the realization that working in the “real world” post graduation will not be THAT bad. Though it is still a bit daunting to think about the end of my college career, I figure as long as I am working in the field that I enjoy, it will make the transition much easier.
    From the first day I began my internship at Something New the owners have immersed me in their business by letting me do everything they themselves do. I now run my own sales appointments and have even made multiple dress sales all on my own. Though I was nervous at first talk with the customers about the inventory I barely knew, it was the practice that I needed to be able to make those sales. I am now fully capable of talking a bride through her decision as to which dress will be perfect for her special day.
    Thinking that the internship would be mostly observatory and assisting, I am pleasantly surprised about the amount trust the owners have in me. With their trust I am able to see my capabilities and become comfortable working in a professional setting.

  8. Bonique Turner says:

    Since I have began my internship at Waddell and Reed, I have realized how patient I can be. Most of the time, I am making calls to recruit new advisors for the office. We pull resumes from From those resumes, we send out letters and make calls. Often times, people are not very receptive to our calls. In the beginning, I thought it was strange for people, who are searching for a job, to not want to hear from potential employers. I quickly learned that the sooner you get to the purpose of your call, the sooner the people will tell you if they are interested or not. There have been time that people have given me the dial tone. The goal is not take offense to the rudeness of others, yet to continue pushing towards your goal. I believe this will benefit my future because not everyone in a department will be receptive to my ideas. There are times people may reject my idea without even hearing the full idea. In cases like this, one is not to get discouraged; instead, push oneself harder for greater ideas.

  9. Autumn McCorvey says:

    One of the most important things that I have learned since starting my internship was organization and discipline. In the Judge Bivins’ chambers, you have to stay organized and alert to succeed. In the end, people’s lives are at stake and the wrong research or opinion could be detrimental to everyone. Organization and discipline are highly necessary tools that one would need to be successful in any field or endeavor in life. This internship has also taught me that a career in the legal system is something that I would want to pursue and I actually enjoy it. It is always pleasant to find a career that you are great at and you love.

  10. Mamie Jaynes says:

    The most important thing I’ve learned is that I can actually see my self practicing Criminal law. Upon beginning my internship I have major doubts about whether I could actually practice criminal law or if I even wanted to in the first place. I decided that if I were to go to law school I would focus on International law but I am now starting to reconsider that. I feel extremely comfortable in a court toom setting and could honestly see my self as either a federal prosecutor or maybe even working for a law firm. I thought I would be intimidate by the attorneys or feel like an outsider while sitting in on the court proceedings but i feel as if I belong there. That could be from the fact that all of the attorneys that we have meet are very friendly, have answered any question we have had and made us feel welcomed. I have a huge advantage over many current law students because I have seen the inside of a court room and what goes on during a trial. I think this experience will greatly increase my chance for success in the future at law school as well as what ever field of law I choose to study.

  11. Breanna Veth says:

    I agree with what Cody says that it is so essential that you adapt to your new working environment as quickly as possible. Training is a huge expense for companies so the faster they can get you to where you need to be the better. I have made some executive decsions in my work lately, feeling that doing so would be a benefit to everyone, and I have been pleasently surprised by the response that I have receieved. I think my supervisor is happy to see I am able to accomplish the tasks she gives me without her having to look over my shoulder at every moment. From this I have learned that taking initiative in your work environment to go above and beyond is so valuable in our world today, especially in the workplace.

  12. Lindsay Graham says:

    In response to Bonique Turner’s comment:

    Through my internship, I have found that I have more patience than I thought as well. I am often doing busy work, such as updating paper work or putting together packets for different events. I would much rather be actually planning events. However, I understand that this is a part of the job and am glad I have the patience for it.