Answer the following interview question regarding your internship: “Tell us about the top skills and qualities that you developed from your internship experience and how will you use them in a professional position?”

(Due by midnight, Friday, April 23)


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  1. james pusateri says:

    Over my 3 month internship, I got the chance to further develop my communication and interpersonal skills. I think these two skills in particular are of high importance in an office setting and in the professional arena. My communication skills I believe have improved the most, especially in an office setting. For example communicating by asking for more direction on a project became essential. In a professional position I believe interpersonal skills are always important no matter what, and important to your success. Communicating is something that is also essential in any professional position, and will be implemented by asking for more detailed question on tasks etc. Also communicating if you have a problem or won’t be able to make it to work etc would fall under communicating.

  2. Mary Catherine Stevens says:

    During my intern experience I have further developed my communication and time management skills. I am confortable working with the clients and helping them with their needs and questions. I have had to manage my time and balance my school work with interning. I have had experience and have learned a lot. These skills will help me in a prefessional way because being able to communication and manageing one’s time is extremely important for any job. Also, being able to interact with people and assist them with whatever they need is important. Ms. Lydia trusts me to get the tasks she assigns me completed. I have become more confident in my ability to do these things and this will benefit me with whatever I do in the future. I am better able to ask questions when I don’t understand and also voice my opinion. These skills are necessary in the working world so trusting relationships can be formed.

  3. Yuleidys Ramirez says:

    Throughout my internship, I have learned to further develop many skills including communication skills. This is a very important skill in an office setting, is also very important because we have to continually maintain communication with the clients at all time. It is also very important that all staff members keep the communication going in between each other regarding the client’s safety concerns or issues along with their case plan. I believe that my communication skill has improved very much, but there is always room for improvement. Communication is something that is very essential to any professional position, but I believe that it is vital in the social service arena. I’am very happy and pleased with all that I have learned at Penelope House while interning. I’am very thankfu and appreciative with all of the staff and clients for allowing me to hear their srories and allowing me to help.l

  4. Anna Pate says:

    One of the most valuable skills that I have developed from my internship at AIDB is taking initiative in completing assignments. When I arrive each day at AIDB, my assignments are not set. Instead, I work with my coordinator to decide what I will be doing that day. I have enjoyed being able to dictate what tasks I would like to complete, as well as really taking the initiative to do them. I have also learned to effectively communicate in what areas I would like to work and what tasks I may need assistance. My secretarial skills have also seen improvement. This semester, I have been trusted with managing the front desk during the secretary’s off period. I love this! I answer the telephone lines, buzz clients into the building, and answer any visitors’ questions. My filing, copying, and paperwork skills have also improved! Overall, I have also improved my “people skills.” AIDB assists a variety of patients with different backgrounds and ages and I have learned to properly interact and communicate with them!

  5. Mary Catherine Stevens says:

    After these 9 months interning at The Family Center, I have improved on my communicationm skills, time management skills, and professional behavior. I have had to learn the ways of an organization, how to enter in data and file information and keep everything organized. I have been in a professional setting working with real families, some who have real problems. I have been able to put what I have been learning into action and interact with parents and their children. I have grown, matured and broadened my skills during this experience. I am much more confident and prepared for the real world because of this internship. I have had to work and communicate effectively with other workers, volunteers and Ms. Lydia who is in charge of The Family Center. Ms. Lydia has entrusted me and even given me my own set of keys during this time. She has me do things because she trusts that I will get the job done. I feel very proud of my progress and ability to hanlde situations and client’s need in a calm and timely fashion. I am excited to take the skills I have learned and developed with me in the future.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Over the last sixteen weeks, I have continued to improve upon my computer savvy as well as my personal confidence with my abilities in the work place, but more so I have improved upon my ability to show initiative and manage my time under stress. AJM has put on several events in the course of the semester from Rock the Runway to USA for AJM. I showed great initiative when it came to helping others in the office with setup for their events as well as helping out by hosting and even transporting a couple box too! Working at AJM has really shown me what working in a team work based environment is really about; Not only do you have the opportunity to work on individual projects, but you also have the opportunity to step up and take initiative when you see someone else in the office needs a helping hand.
    As the last week of the internship approached, I had a lot of things on my plate including class work, work study, the internship and my regular job. Nicole asked me to work on the year-end reports and gave me the option to work on them from home. Of course, from the outside looking in that seem like a great idea to work on this endeavor from home! I could do things at my own pace and in my spare time. What I failed to realize when I agreed to work from home is that there is no spare time. When I was in the office I had three hours designated just for AJM work. Outside of AJM I had ten other projects to complete including the work that my supervisor, Nicole, just assigned. I have definitely gained the knowledge to know when to say bring it on or maybe not. I toughed it out and got through the last week of AJM and classes, but not without taking a valuable lesson with me. Time management is a great professional skill to take with you out into the work force, but there is only so much time that can be managed. In my future professional experiences, I will take with me the power and confidence to show initiative while also knowing my work load limits.

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