Now that your site supervisor has provided you with a mid term evaluation, reflect on that evaluation. Identify the areas you rated strongly in and how you see these areas benefitting you in the professional world? What skill or quality did your supervisor identified as needing improvement? Talk about what this is, how you believe it will affect you in a professional setting and how you plan to improve on it in the future.

 (Due by midnight, Friday, April 2)


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  1. Anna Pate says:

    ((I apologize beforehand that the following blog is from memory. I did not make a copy of my midterm evaluation before turning it in a couple of weeks ago!)

    Overall, my site supervisor gave me a great evaluation and I am pleased with the results! I believe that my prior experience in this field and at this same site positively impacted my evaluation. I am honored that I received strong ratings in attendance, initiative, presence, and versatility. I have had to really push myself to get up early and be on time, and I am glad that my supervisor has noticed! As far as initiative, I am very comfortable in my duties and love finding new tasks and things to do! As far as presence and versatility, I am glad that I have shown maturity and flexibility. I believe that all four of these characteristics are very useful in a workplace and are great qualities to possess. I think future employers will desire an employee who is not only one time, but professional and eager to complete work.

    Areas that were marked for improvement were communication and competence. Communication is an area that can always use improvement. I have been working on asking questions and informing my supervisors when a task is completed. Miscommunication can greatly affect the work place, and even cost your employer time and money. It is vital that this skill is mastered. Competence is another skill that is necessary in the professional world. If one is not competent in their job, how will they complete it? Again, this is something that I am consistently working to improve at AIDB! In order to improve both my communication and competence, I will continue to ask questions and to challenge myself to try new and creative ways of completing tasks.

  2. James Pusateri says:

    My overall evaluation was pretty good. I rated 4 and fives for everything and I believe this evaluation reflects my overall performance. Some of the areas I rated strongly in were following instructions and the quality of work. When my supervisor gives me a task I usually ask a lot of questions to make sure I know exactly what she wants done. I think asking these questions really helps me understand what she needs and helps me to do better work since it will benefit her more. I believe the lowest rating I received was a 4 in several areas. So on a personal note; I think something’s I could work on is initiative and technical skills. Sometimes I don’t take the initiative, and this is something I need to work on. Most employers don’t want someone they have to ask to do something. It would be more beneficial for the employee to see what need to be done and do it. I think one thing you could do to is pay more attention to what’s going on, and if you identify something that needs to be done just do it. I think most people don’t want to take the risk of doing something because they might do it wrong and look bad. Maybe starting on small stuff will be the best thing to do.

  3. Yuleidys Ramirez says:

    My supervisor gave me a great evaluation; I’m very pleased with the results. I ‘am surprised and honor to receive strong rating in many categories. An area that was marked for improvement was communication. This is a skill that I definitely need to work on. It is a skill that is vital to our purpose because we do not only communicate with clients but with other staff members such as in transition. I ‘am comfortable in my duties and I love working at Penelope house. It is amazing how much the organization does for all of the clients and their children. I plan to pay closely attention on how others staff members communicate with client so that I can master this skill. Personal has to be vey careful on how we communicate with clients and how we communicate with other social services agencies so that we can help the clients. We most respect confidentiality at all times.

  4. Mary Catherine Stevens says:

    My supervisor at The Family Center gave me a very good midterm evaluation. She indicated that I am doing a great job and she gave me high ratings. I have learned so much and have come a long way from August during my first semester interning at The Family Center. I’ve made mistakes but have learned from them and now this semester I really know what I am doing. I think it is very important to be able to follow intstructions and rules, especially when the supervisor is not around. Just today another intern and I were at The Family Center while Ms. Lydia was out. A man came in and I had to know how to respond to his questions and also know the limits. Certain information cannot be given to the clients even if they ask for it. Communicaiton is also important for success in everything we do. If I am unsure about something or what to do, I always check with another intern or my supervsor. If I have the wrong information it doesn’t help anyone and I have learned it’s always best to be safe and double check. I have also become better and more comfortable dealing with the clients. I have to be ready at any time (whether on the phone or someone coming to the center) to meet their needs and answer questions professionally.
    I think this experience will help me in the professional world and my future career. I have to interct with clients in a professional and helpful way, and I have to be aware and accurate when entering data and writing information down about the clients. I have learend great time management skills and communicaiton skills. All of this will remian with me and will help me in my future.

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