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  1. Chelsea S. Mack says:

    A personal skill that I need to improve on would be to improve my professionalism in all aspects such as my communication, language, appearance to name a few. I believe that there are always ways you can grow in a professional field and those are just a few I can think of now. I should learn the terminalogy the employees use because you have to know what words to use when you are in a field, anyways. Also, the way I communicate to my volunteers is fine but I can improve and be a little more sociable with them regardless of the fact that I’m just the intern. They see me come and go at times but I can take time out and chat with them some more. Last, I can do better with the way I dress because at times companies,businesses or whatever have a uniform and I take advantage of the fact that WHIL doesn’t have a uniform and I wear not inappropriate clothes but not always professional clothes. Overall, I think I’m doing my very best in all aspect of my internship but it’s always room from improvement.I believe all of the aspects that I can improve on at my internship are very valuable for future references because you need all of them to be considered a professional besides good work ethics.

  2. Jessica Makowski says:

    A quality/skill that I can improve on is my attention to detail. I frequently find myself working on tasks that can be tedious and repetitive, such as making copies of various papers for multiple cases or sending the same letter to multiple cases and if I’m not careful I may forget to change a name or adress on the letter. I usually recognize my mistakes after printing the letters and I am able to correct them before I mail them. However, if I could focus more on the details the first time and not get caught in the mindset of finishing the task then I would be more efficient with my time and waste less paper. I also feel that I could improve my communication skills by being more open and friendly rather than so task-oriented. I do greet everyone when I see them and when I leave, but while I am working I tend to keep to myself and stick straight to the point of the matter that is being discussed, which if I am not careful can be interpretted the wrong way and I might come off as impatient or unfriendly. Like Chelsea said, whether its a skill or characteristic there is always room for improvement.

  3. mary keller says:

    Overall the results were good. I would like to improve on all aspects of my work. I wish I could get more directions and more tasks to complete. I wrote an article for Alumni Office and never got feedback, I was thinking it would be returned and I would correct it but that was not the case. Im not sure if my work schedule allows my supervisor to correct my material and return it. I only work 2 hour for 2 days a week. I think if i worked longer hours I could get more done. Hopefully, when alumni weekend roles around next month I will get more one on one experience. Meanwhile, I am going to work hard on the tasks that are given to me.

  4. Hannah Mulvey says:

    My results for the midterm review were very good although on aspect that i personally would like to improve on is the finance terminology. I could listen more carefully and ask more questions when i hear a term that I am unfamiliar with. I often have to make phone calls to companies and ask about things that I do not even know about and when they ask me a return question I do not know how to answer. I know the secretary that I work for would be more than happy to answer any questions that I have so I just need to speak up and ask. It is important that I learn what the terminology is so that I don’t look inexperienced when I am asked a question. Once I improve on this it will help me in the professional world and people will take me more seriously once I know the lingo.

  5. Blair Boudreaux says:

    After looking at my midterm review, I am very pleased with my supervisor’s evaluation of my work ethic. One area he did note that I need to improve on is timeliness. Because I work alone on the project I’m responsible for, I have a lot of flexibility. I can go in an hour later or earlier and stay longer then I need or leave earlier. This flexibility is great for my busy schedule, however sometimes my internship gets the back burner on the busier weeks in my schedule. I need to make a strong effort to come in everyday at the exact time I say I will and do a solid amount of work. This is important to work on because in my future job endeavors I will need to be prompt and efficient in order to maintain good standing and be productive. This skill is simply about time management, and I know that I can manage my time better and definitely will be doing so in the future.
    I was flattered that Jacob said that he would hire someone like me, and his interpretation of my professional skills will very complementary. However, I do wish that more people then just him and our Collections Tech had more interactions with me so I could have stronger feedback. Of course I appreciate any and all criticism I can get, but a more well-rounded spectrum would give me more information about what to work on professionally.

  6. Lindsay Nadeau says:

    My supervisor is impressed with my work so far. One area that I could improve on is my socialization. Everyone in the office now knows that I am shy because I tell them hello, but that is about all of the communication that I have with them on a daily basis. My supervisor has admitted to me that she is also shy and I feel more comfortable around her and am able to talk more. She usually asks me questions about school and other things and was surprised when I had not told her right away that I am planning on attending her alma mater for law school.
    Another area that I could improve on is similar to Jessica. Ususally when I type letters I use old copies as examples and after I print them I realize I have forgotten one minor detail. Improving this would make me much more efficient. I also usually forget simple things that I have done before. When I print an envelope, half of the time I don’t look at what I’m doing and stick it in the printer wrong, causing it to print upside down. By fixing these things I could be a much better worker.

  7. Megan Powe says:

    The supervisor at my second site told me that I was a very good worker and he was impressed that I didn’t need as much direction as his other employees to accomplish a task. One of the things I have noticed about him is that he is a very strict manager, but his employees also see him as a friend. That would be one area where I would like to improve. I find it very hard sometimes to be to discover the happy medium between friend and boss, but Mr. McFeely does it very well. He gave me tips on how to maintain that kind of relationship with employees. He says to always be a leader first. By doing so you are giving your employees “the opportunity to succeed, because when they are successful, you are successful.” He also says never hold grudges in business, it is more important to move on and forgive, but don’t forget.

  8. Hayley Sheffield says:

    On my mid-term evaluation, my director did not leave very much room for me to improve, but I seem to think that there are still plenty areas for me to grow in. One of the biggest things I think I need to work on is learning to work with others, and not wanting to always direct the task. By nature, I am someone who never wants to sit around and wait until someone else takes the first step. When working in a group with others, I always want to take charge and lead. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, when working with others, it leads me to often be dissatisfied with other people’s work. I do not think my way is the only right way, but I do take pride in making sure I do things the right way, and that way is putting forth as much effort as I possibly can on a given task. I get along great with all of the other interns at The Family Center, however, sometimes I find myself checking their work. Why do I do that when we have been there an equal amount of time? I just hate to know that my name is on something, and it not have been done right. This creates a lot of extra work for me when I am trying to make sure everything is perfect. I love people, but when given a task, I have always been much better at getting it done when I do not have to work in a group. This internship has reiterated to me that I need to learn how to work in a group better, and that I also will probably be a much better boss than someone working under someone else.

  9. Andrea Hicks says:

    After receiving my feedback from my supervisor at America’s Junior Miss on midterm evaluation I was very pleased to find out that I work very well in a professional setting; however, after reviewing the different aspects that this specific job requires the one professional skill that I need to improve on in order to be successful in the real world is my ability to complete an expected volume of assigned or related activities. I have noticed that this is a skill I need to improve on because I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and while this can be a very positive skill to attain, it also has its negatives. For instance, because I feel the need for everything to be exact I tend to repeat a task several times to make sure that everything is correct ,but in doing so it becomes very time consuming. I am able to get less things accomplished because I have less time to do the things assigned. So now that I realize that at my specific job multitasking is imperative in order to be successful. I plan to work on it more diligently. I think that if I improve on this skill that it can be very beneficial to me in the future because I will be able to get more things completed while still maintaining my need for everything to be done to the best of my ability or in my eyes close to perfect.

  10. Melanie Kammerer says:

    While my review went very well, outside of the review both Molly and Lindsay said that I work too much. While I only have class on Tuesdays, allowing for an extraordinary amount of free-time the rest of the week, they said that I need to remember that I am 20 years old and take time off just to be young and for myself. This did not come as a shock at all, as my family has told me for years that I am in way too much of a hurry to grow up, but I never thought I would hear it from the people I work with. In this case, I guess I need to work on living in the moment more than planning on the future; taking time to enjoy this time of my life rather than always focusing on the next few years. Luckily, along with my mid-term I handed in almost all of the required hours for the semester, so taking a few days off would not threaten my requirements for the course. I guess I have learned that I definitely have it in me to become a ‘work-aholic’, and have found it difficult with so many floating deadlines to not be able to complete something by the end of the day. However, this is the real world of work. Not everything can be done on your own, and in my case with my internship, waiting on sponsors to call back can take much longer than you would ever expect, prolonging the time it takes to complete all the event work-ups. I will not quit my internship at all, but I may find a bit more free time in the next couple of weeks to sit and realize that while it is a ‘job’, I am still fortunate enough to be young enough to not have to depend on it as my ‘career’ YET!!

  11. Alyse Granier says:

    Now that your site supervisor has provided you with a mid term evaluation, identify a professional skill or quality you need to improve on. Talk about what this is, how you believe it will affect you in a professional setting and how you plan to improve on it in the future.

    I do not have a copy of my site supervisor’s mid-term evaluation, but I remember feeling a bit dejected when I saw the marks she gave me. Jan has always been a tough grader, including when I took this intern position last semester. I totally support her judgements, but it is difficult to accept the way your boss sees you when you have justification for the low markings given.

    I do remember that my attendance was rated low. However, I work every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (until 4) from 10 to 5 p.m. The amount of hours that I put into this internship far exceeds the number of hours required for the class and that makes it difficult to believe that when I request off of work for holidays, meetings and the occassional school events that my numbers would drop on her evaluation. But I understand that I am taking off of work from the regular schedule that we have set.

    I believe I also remember that my level of iniative was discounted. My position in the store is very flexible. Jan has the role of manager, and Marissa has the role of graphic designer. Both have very specific duties and responsibilities each day. I’m a part-time employee so my day-to-day activities depend on what is happening, how busy we are with traffic through the store and orders received/outgoing. Many days are slow with free time that I can dedicate to other work. This has been established as okay to do. However, I think she may expect me to ask more than I do to get involved with something. I clean, organize, file, design, open/close the store, answer the phone and attend to customers. I realize now that I can always do more in the way of helping, or at least offering. There’s a certain system that the store uses to conduct daily activities. I am limited to the projects I can start, but I can definitely start to improve this issue by volunteering my assistance or free time to helping in the store. Since I received these markings, I’ve been speaking up everyday when work slows down or picks up – “Is there anything I can help you with?” or “What can I work on today?” or “How about you take the day off, and I’ll keep up the store for the rest of the evening.” I think I’m seeing better results in stress levels and cooperation as a result.

    Most of my markings on the evaluation were above average, but I’ve focused my efforts on improving the areas that need more attention as I’ve addressed above. I think that assessments and evaluations such as these help to benchmark progress including strengths as well as weaknesses that help to reach a higher level of efficiency and work quality.

    I am thankful that I know now so that I have the rest of the semester to improve in hopes of attaining all high markings by the end of this internship!

  12. Jade Cunningham says:

    My supervisor feels that I should work on is attending Planning Commission Meetings. I agree wholeheartedly. By attending these meetings I can recieve first-hand experience on how the meetings are run and the process of planning a community. Because these meetings take place around 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening and take place in areas outside Mobile city limits, I need to work on actually rearranging my schedule to be better prepared for attending them. This is important because these meeting are those that planners have to attend and I should get used to the hectic schedule.

  13. Andrea Hicks says:


    One of the things that I needed to work on at my internship at America’s Junior Miss was also my professionalism. I hate wearing heels and I have a tendency to use a lot of slang when I speak, but working at AJM made me have to change really quick because I was representing their program. I would not have been very sucessful if I came to one of the events in tennis shoes and using slang while trying to get anybody to sponser our program, so that was something I have been working on ever since.

  14. Jess Gouldthorpe says:

    I have had many sit dows with my advisor and one thing that she keeps reinterating to me is that I need more confidence in my work. When given tasks that I feel are out of my league i initially freek out and feel that I might fail. But everything that i have been given I have done successfully. I feel that I need to just breathe do the research, ask the necessary questions, and tackle the task at hand. The lack of confidence also affects my ability in public speaking. I get really nervous when dealing with the public and employees. My advisor has really helped me become more confident in my work and with my public speaking abilities. I made such an improvement that when I gave my senior seminar presentation, I remebered her words and I gaave a confident successful talk about my developed body of work!

  15. Jess Gouldthorpe says:


    I totally agree with what you are talking about. I feel liek since I have been in high-school and college, I have just wanted to rush through things and get a real job and work. I sometimes forget to do the things that make me happy, and it affects life in a big way because it gets unbalanced. I have also learned that life is not all about work, eben though we live in a money driven society. We really have to take time to live life and appreciate the other things we value, such as family, friends, and hobbies. I am glad that you learned this so early into the game because it will definitely affect your career life! You’re a great person don’t consume yourself in all that work, share yourself with the outside world!

  16. Alyse Granier says:


    I can understand the struggles of taking initiative when you’re unsure of the tasks that you can undertake. Developing that level of communication and drive in a new work environment has always been a struggle for me. It almost takes the first half of the experience to adapt to the new job climate before you can totally submerge yourself in the experience. I’ve seen the great work you’ve created through your internship, and I have no doubt that your supervisors were thoroughly impressed with your hard work. I hope that your final supervisor performance sheet will be an accurate reflection of the effort and incredible legacy that you’re leaving behind.

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