Identify the most significant thinkg you have learned about yourself since beginning your internship. Talk about what that is is, how you feel about this new found knowledge and how you think it will effect you-either negatively or positively -in your future pofessional endeavors.


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  1. Hannah Mulvey says:

    Th most significant thing I have learned about myself since beginning my internship would be that I want to be a boss. As silly as this sounds, I have discovered that I will work best in a management position from watching my boss. I always knew I wanted to be in the finance industry but I never really knew in what position. I know I want to someday have a family so the thought of working in a smaller position was an option. However, when seeing the workings of an office, I see that my personality would fit best in a management role. I am very happy that I have discovered this and I feel that it will allow he to mold my future to achieve this goal. I recognize that my current position is at the very bottom of the totem pole, but that is the way it has to be. I look forward to working my way up and I feel that this opportunity as an intern has given me the motivation to achieve my professional goals.

  2. Jessica Makowski says:

    The most significant thing that I have learned about myself since beginning my internship is that I really do not want an office job. At least not one that requires more interaction with computers, papers and copiers, than with people. I can handle doing computer and paperwork, but I have learned that even if it is a well paying job it is not something that I enjoy and want to do as a career. I would rather interact more with people. I think this new knowledge will effect me positively because it is helping me figure out what it is that I want to do with my future. I am still considering going to law school but I am leaning away from the idea of becoming a practicing attorney. I know that attorneys will not have to deal with as much paper work as I am dealing with because “that is what assistants are for” but I am still not sold on that as a career for me. I feel that this experience and new knowledge will help me decide on what my next step will be, whether its law school or grad school.

  3. Chelsea S. Mack says:

    The most significant thing that I have learned about myself since beginning my intern is that I’m a people-person and sociable. For awhile, I’ve been knowing I love to be around a variety of people but it seems as if I can know so little about the volunteers that come in everyday. Then, all of a sudden I know so much about them by just being personable and friendly. I believe this is one of my strengths by going into the professional world because you have to know how to relate and vocalize yourself to professionals and people in general. Postively, me being sociable is good because I can sell myself to people when I want to get a job and ask the right questions when needed and bring a smile to their face. Negatively, me being sociable is bad because sometimes you have to listen instead of talking as much. At times, I do listen but I feel I talk more than anything. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that maybe I should be some type of public speaker or spokesperson for a company. However, I want to go into broadcast, radio, or the music industry and with me being sociable that is definetely good for broadcast and radio because you have to be informative and talk about things people want to hear. So, maybe I should start my own talk show or something. Oprah watch out! lol. However, we shall see what the future brings for me and I pray that it is best for me whatever it is. Smile

  4. Blair Boudreaux says:

    Of all the things I have learned from my internship thus far, the most significant is my desire to work with others. I do the same thing every day at my internship, although the subject matter does change. However, I ultimately work independently, and have little contact with others at the Museum other then the Curator of Exhibits and our Collections Tech. I find inspiration and motivation from others, and working by myself so often has taught me that I need to seek out the kind of job that will put me in a really social environment. I do not mind being alone, and I do enjoy the independence, but I often find that I would really like to share something interesting I’ve just learned, and no one is around. I think this will definitely help me in looking at future job prospects, because I know what it means to work alone, and I know myself well enough to know how I work with others. It will allow me to better gauge whether or not a job is a good fit for me based on the social and professional environment. I have not yet learned anything that has pointed me to a more direct career path, although I have learned to value co-workers, their opinions, and their ability to be fantastic references. The people I am in contact with are very pleasant and I enjoy their company, and they continue to give me very helpful career advice based on their strong opinion of me. Despite how negative what I have learned about myself my sound, I am very grateful for the lesson, and it will ultimately help me in the future.

  5. Lindsay Nadeau says:

    I have learned that I need to ask for help when I do not know how to do things at first. Typically I am a very independent person and would rather figure things out for myself but while working at Legal Services I have learned that I can get htings done faster by asking for help. I have also learned that I enjoy the legal profession but it can be boring. One day there was an emergency that required my help and I found it the most exciting task that I have done so far. Another thing that I have been told at my internship is that I am very quiet. I am shy around people when I first meet them and this is something that I should probably change before becoming a lawyer (or attending law school). I am making an effort to talk to more people that I do not know. This knowledge has mainly affected me in a positive way because I will work to adapt to different situations.

  6. Alyse Granier says:

    Identify the most significant thinkg you have learned about yourself since beginning your internship. Talk about what that is is, how you feel about this new found knowledge and how you think it will effect you-either negatively or positively -in your future pofessional endeavors.

    The most significant thing I have learned about myself in studying small business management at Gwins is that it takes a strong business background to operate and succeed as an entrepreneur, skills that I still need to acquire. This highly supports my continued educational goals to pursue my MBA next and gain the understanding that is required to successfully start and evolve a business. There are so many ways to lead, manage, organize, but I’m learning that I need a broader understanding of business, that I hope to gain in the next two years, to balance with my skills in communication and public relations. I think my weaknesses will become my strengths when I submerge myself in a new learning program among instructors and students with the same mission and in a new cultural and geographic location that will expand my horizons. I think the answers I’m seeking lie in the community and in the ties I will make with entrepreneurs and others who aspire to start their own business ventures.

    I need to align myself with my goals. Do I want to be a small business owner right out of school or do I want to work in the corporate field to grow my capital investments and experience? If I want to start a business, what resources does this require, what do I already possess, what do I need to do to prepare and is an MBA necessary to get me there? There are so many options available as a college senior and with student loans that will soon be knocking at my door, I want to be prepared when I take the next step in my education or career. What I do now can drastically change my future, the responsibility to make decisions that positively impact my life and career lies solely within me. I can do whatever I set my mind to, and now it’s my time to decide what I want.

  7. Melanie Kammerer says:

    The most significant thing I have learned since beginning my internship would probably be the differences between work and school. It is hard to leave work when things are not completed, even though an entire event cannot be planned in one day. When it comes to homework, projects, or papers, I will just sit down and get it all done at once, but working is entirely different. Many days I’ll leave with millions of thoughts in my head as to when I can get everything done. In this way, I learned that I needed to become more organized. Making lists and planning for about two weeks of work days has become the most efficient way to complete what needs to be done. When I’m organized I’ve found it’s much less stressful, and it leaves more room to be creative and help on that aspect with a clear mind. Luckily this transition was easier than I thought it would be as I have always planned more with deadlines rather than priority. There are still obviously deadlines involved, but prioritizing items, whether it’s recruitment before fundraising, or posters and emails before setting up a catering company, makes things run much more smoothly. I have also learned that I’d rather work in a busier work environment. I do love the close-knit feeling of our small office of three people, but sitting in on conference calls going on either in Birmingham or New York is not quite what a conference should be. I’d much rather be in the room able to take in what’s going on and be involved. In this way I will need to look closer at job possibilities upon graduating. I’m still glad that I have this experience and will know better what I am looking for in a job as time goes on.

  8. Hayley Sheffield says:

    I think one of the most significant things that I have learned about myself through this internship is that I am a stronger person than I originally thought. This may sound strange, and maybe a bit conceited, but I say this in regards to my ability to be able to handle very tough situations and to not only cope with them, but to be able to face them head on if I have to to help someone else. I am not sure what I want to go to graduate school for, but as a Sociology major, I know I have to go into something more specific than Sociology. So, I have always had an attraction to social work, but I didn’t know if I would be able to handle the tough situations, stress, and sadness that comes along with the social work. I think that after spending the time that I have at the Family Center I can handle social work and all the tough situations that go along with it. I have always been someone who carries the weight of the world on my shoulders. I will not only carry my problems, but if you need someone to carry yours, I’ll freely offer. Through my internship, I have learned that you can and have to differientiate between helping someone as much as you can and continuing to ruminate on things that you have no control over. Many of our clients are in situations because of choices they have made. You can’t make someone’s choices for them, but you can, without judging, help show and guide them in making better choices. I have discovered that I can make a difference during my time at the Family Center, be up-close and personal to terrible situations, and still leave there in a good mood because I know that I have helped someone help themselves that day.

  9. Andrea Hicks says:

    Since I started working at my internship there have been several things I have learned about myself, however the most significant thing that I have learned is that I am more capable of handling a professional setting than I thought I would be. I am a very playful person and don’t like to be in serious situations, so I was a little unsure if I would be right for the job I do. But, to much of my surprise I actually like being more professional at times and to be taken serious isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be for me. At first I was extremely nervous that I would try and be a professional, but would come out as trying to hard or not be as qualified as they expect me to be. Not to be cocky but, I am so proud of myself and with this knew found knowledge of my capabilities I am a lot less stressed for life after graduation because I have seen that I can be put in to just about any situation and I can rise to the occasion and thrive in my situations. It has been a very eye opening experience for me and I hope to continue to grow into this professional person that I have tried to be.

  10. Jade Cunningham says:

    The one thing that I’ve found out about myself is that I love research. Not just any research catches my attention but demographic research that is found on websites such as the U.S. Census Bureau. Recently, I have been doing research for comprehensive plans that require this kind of work. I have found that I’m actually interesting in the facts and resources that I find myself buried in. This can be very useful in my future professional plans because research is one of the most important facets of a Planner’s job. They have to gather information about the areas that they are working on and make their recommendations fit the data that they find. Hopefully, one of the things I can do now is tailor my interest in research into school work as well. This interest will help me in various ways in life, not just professionally. I hope that I can develp this interest further and find other interests that will further solidify by plans to become a Planner.

  11. Anna Pate says:


    I agree with you about wanting to work in a career or profession that will allow you to work with others. There are times at my internship at AIDB when I am left alone to complete a task, and I find that it takes me much longer than intended to complete the task. I believe that the presence of others and communication with others is vital to motivating myself in the work place. Great point!!

  12. mary keller says:

    It might sound silly, but i have learned that I do not want to drive to work. Taking an extra 30 min to get to work in traffic is depressing to me. I really would like to work somewhere I can ride a bike, walk or take public transpertation to work.

  13. Chelsea Mack says:

    I like the fact that Jade loves research because I do, too. I believe research is fundamental in finding out new things and broadening your horizon. However, when it’s something you already know research can be boring. Moreover, I believe research is good for all students because people always say when your looking for a job make sure you do research on the company and you know what to expect before seeking a job. So, if you don’t know how to research you may be in some trouble. Also, with having research skills it shows to professionals that you know how to save time and money because a lot of businesses need different strategies, ideas, tactics, and objectives and to do that you need to research! That is why I love research and the fact that Jade does too because we both have the right mind set and hopefully others can pick that concept up, as well.

  14. Blair Boudreaux says:

    Jessica Makowski’s response about desiring a job that is more focused on people then independent work really hits home for me. I talked about the same thing in this blog, and it makes me feel better that other people have the same desire to interact constantly. Clearly doing computer work and individual work will be necessary in a job, but knowing that other people want a social aspect to their jobs is comforting.

  15. Hannah Mulvey says:

    That does not sound silly at all! My brother walks to work everyday and he said it has made such a difference in his day! A calm walk to work would set me up for a much better day than sitting through traffic every morning. There are several cities that lend themselves to this type of atmosphere and I think that is a great thing for you to have discovered! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Andrea Hicks says:


    I was so relieved to hear that I was not the only person that has trouble asking for help. I have always been a very prideful person and I never liked asking for help because I thought I should be able to just figure it out on my own. Little did I know it is not only easier to just ask for help in the beginning, but it also saves a lot of time and energy in the long run, instead of having to redo things later.

  17. Melanie Kammerer says:


    I know exactly what you mean about “being the boss”. It is hard for me to be in the position to not make those final decisions. It isn’t even a feeling of not wanting to be told what to do, but I found it more to be the want to send things in new directions. I am glad though that through the internship I was not the boss and got to see the other end and how management affects the organization as a whole, which I hope will help me to be a good manager in the future! From what I can tell about you I am confident you will be too! Have fun in NYC!!

  18. Jess Gouldthorpe says:

    The most significant thing that I have learned about me from my internship is that I do not want to work in a gallery or musuem doing administrative work. I have always worked with children and it is something I have always been really good at. Working as an art aide at Space and the art museum really mae me genuinely happy. I really want to do something that I feel like I will be making a difference at the end of the day. After talking with my advisor at my internship I learned that I should really incorporate my talents in art with my porfession. Working at a gallery leaves no extra time for personal artwork development and I need that. I am thinking of pursuing a career in art-therapy or education, working with traumatized or disabled children.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Mary Keller,

    I agree!! A 30 min drive through the thick city traffic is not how I like to start my mornings either!! My internship is downtown and I found that if you take the interstate around the city traffic its sooo much easier. It would be nice though to just walk a block or two and be at work.

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