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  1. Chelsea S. Mack says:

    The top skills and qualities that I have developed is organizing and coordinating people and events. I learned how to communicate with a variety of people in a professional manner and it turned out to be a success! I believe working with people is an important skill to acquire because many times professionals have to deal with different types of people. So without social skills it would be hard to manage in the professional world. Also, coordinating events is a niche of mine and it became a strong skill, too. I want to obtain a career in marketing/advertising/event planning/etc where I have to coordinate events for special occasions or come up with goals, tactics, ideas in marketing/advertising for clients. Therefore, coordinating events and organizing people really helped me for my future endeavors in the professional field. However, I still can learn more but what I learned from working here at WHIL radio station has been purposeful and knowledgeable.

  2. Alyse Granier says:

    I have developed many strengths through this internship, but my graphic design experience has definitely broadened. I have learned so much about typography, design, layout, typesetting, color matching, printing and creating/adding artwork. For instance, there are so many ways to print an invitation. You can create an invitation using flat print, raised print, thermography, embossing, engraving, color press, calligraphy, letterpress, foiling or stamping. Each creates an entire different finished product and the prices also contrast strongly.

    I’ve learned that inventory options can dramatically effect the success of a stationery store. Just in the category of invitations alone there are many occasions that must be accounted for in terms of what products we keep in stock. There are invitations for weddings, birthdays, showers, dinners, announcements, Christenings, graduations and anniversaries. And just within the category of wedding invitations there are a number of products that must be available including the printed double envelopes, the reception card, the response card, the thank you notes, the reservations & accommodations card, the save-the-date, the wedding program, the wedding favors, the wedding napkins, the placecards, the table cards and the calligraphy options. The lists go on. This all comes down to the point that small businesses operating under a niche such as stationery and printing are actually not small in size or range of products. There is so much more planning and maintenance that goes into operating a small business. I’m recognizing the organization and control a manager requires to run a business, big or small.

    I think this internship has strengthened my organization, graphic design skills, customer service skills and creativity. In printing, I like to believe there are no limits to what can be done. I’ve learned how to work with customers to make their visions a reality and a beautiful finished product. Whether customers come into the store to celebrate a birth, a wedding or a Mardi Gras Ball – I’m thankful to be part of these life changing moments in people’s lives and celebrate these great experiences with the the customers that come through our doors each day.

  3. Andrea Hicks says:

    There is a number of skills and qualities which I developed along the way during my internship experience several of which I will be able to carry as life lessons. However, there are also quite a few that I have developed that I will be able to use in a professional position. In my opinion, the most important and useful skills that I have attained are my computer skills. In today’s world, technology is imperative to know and understand and to have some basic knowledge of the computer, the more you have the better. When I first started at AJM (America’s Junior Miss) I only had the basics down, but the more and more I began to work there the more I had to learned because most businesses are no longer old fashioned and filing paperwork is no longer done, it is all entered into a computer database. I have mostly used the excel and powerpoint programs, along with Microsoft word at my site.

    Another skill that I have acquired through my experience at my site is networking. Since the headquarters of AJM is in Mobile, AL, our job is to get in touch with and maintain contact with business and corporations all over the country. Our main goal at AJM is to get scholarships for the girls and in order to do that we have to be able to network and get our message out there to help the girls be as successful as possible since they work so hard. All in all I would have to say so far my time and efforts at my internship are really going to pay off I have already learned so much and I will continue to do so during the rest of my time there.

  4. Blair Boudreaux says:

    Through my internship I have developed a greater sense of responsibility. Throughout the semester I worked on a project, but it was not until these past few weeks that I actually had to create the product that will be the end result of all my work. The product I completed will be in the Museum files permanently, thus making me responsible for doing a good job. The more I worked on the project, the more I understood how important it was. This experience has shown that in each job one must be responsible, uphold their duties, and produce good work. Before this internship I had never had assignments such as this one to complete for a company that would make a lasting impression. It has opened my eyes to how rewarding a job can be and how much one must continuously be responsible.

    I have also strengthened my communication skills. I work independently on my project which made communicating with my supervisor necessary. He is constantly busy and rarely in his office, therefore I had to make extra efforts to effectively communicate with him. I learned to approach issues with my supervisor more effectively and recognized the importance of communicating details.

    In whatever professional position I will hold in the future, I will need these skills and qualities to be as refined as possible. Although they may seem basic, they are essential to professionalism and success. No matter what job I have I will be able to use these skills everyday. Even in acquiring a job, these skills will help me stand out as a good employee. This internship has been a learning experience with me, and it will definitely benefit me in the future.

  5. Lindsay Nadeau says:

    During the course of my internship I have learned many valuable skills. Almost all of the work that I have done at Legal Services was individual so I had to learn how to proofread my own work perfectly. I have also gained skills that help me to keep focused on a certain task. For example, I would shut the door to my office so that I would not be interrupted. I have also seen that once I learn how to do one thing, I will keep using that skill. So that skill is very important and the first time I do it I should do it right. I often write a type of letter for the first time and use that for an example. If it is done incorrectly, all the other letters will not be right.

    Another quality that I have gained is the ability to not be proud. This sounds silly but I have learned to not be afraid to ask any questions that I have. When I first started my internship I did not want anyone to think I was incompetent. As the semester went on I realized that I was there to learn. This learning would only come from asking questions and following others’ examples.

  6. mary keller says:

    My internship has taught me several valuable skills. I really enjoyed working at an alumni office for a school. I originally accepted the internship because I was interested in event planning. However, I could see my self planning event for colleges. They allowed me to write a article for the parent newsletter. Create surveys evaluations for events they conducted. Contact Alumni via email. Become formiliur to Raiser’s Edge. My senior seminar project was an event for the Alumni Office. However, much of the promotion, preperation and advertising for the event was done out side of the internship. I did however, ask questions, review the status of the event with them and get information from them while on site. Working with them this semester only make my senior seminar project event better and more successful. working during Homecoming weekend allowed me to interact with alumni and help with the set up for the events.

  7. Hannah Mulvey says:

    Throughout this semester, I have acquired several valuable skills from my internship. I will be in New York City this summer for an internship with UBS financial services. I am so glad that I did this internship this semester with Raymond James because it prepared me for what I should expect thiis summer. I learned how to act in a professional manner especially when clients are in the office. I learned about cleint confidentiality and the importance of keeping work at work. I also learned many of the financial buzz words that I did not know before. All of these things that I learned I will carry throughout my entire life but especially this summer in New York. I am so glad to have this experience and it will not only benefit me from what I have learned but also the relationships that I have made from working in the office. My boss has made it clear that any assistance that I need in the business world he will be more than happy to assist me. I am so happy to have this experience and I am excited to see all that I learned in action this summer!

  8. Megan Powe says:

    There are a number of skill that I have developed from my internship. First, I have learned that working administration is a nursing home is all about customer service. You must be able to fulfill the customers wants and needs in order to have them give you a good evaluation, come back to your facility if necessary, and refer others that may need long term care. Second, I have learned the importance of following rules and regulations. The facility has their own set guidelines for each employee to follow, but also there are state regulations and federal regulations, where failing to adhere may result in fines or the closing of your facility. I have also learned not to burn bridges, because there have been several employees at Cogburn Midtown that had a conflict with the administrator and left the facility but now are asking for their jobs back.

  9. Anna Pate says:


    I strongly agree with the skill of being humble! I have to constantly challenge myself to ask questions, and it is reassuring to know that I am not the only one out there! Thank you for sharing that with us!!

  10. Hannah Mulvey says:


    I can relate exactly to the experience that you had for your internship. Many times i shut my door so that while I was working on a big project I could focus and not be interrupted. I also had a similar experience with learning not to be proud. I found that it was better to ask questions than perform the task incorrectly because then I would just have to re-do it! I’m glad you had a similar experience as me!!

  11. Hayley Sheffield says:

    The top skills or qualities I have developed during my internship are multi-tasking and self-motivation. By nature, I am someone who wants to get one task accomplished before I move on to another task. It makes it easier on my mental checklist that way. However, while working at The Family Center, I begin to realize that in the work world, multi-tasking is essential. I was not left at The Family Center alone often. Fortunately, we had numerous interns from various schools there, so there was usually multiple people. However, there were times when I would be alone to answer the phone. The first line would ring, and then the second line would ring, and as soon as I got those two people off of the line, the phone would ring…again. Often, when the people would call, I would not always know all of the information they were asking for. So, I had to make sure that I understood what they were talking about enough so that I could relay a coherent message to Lydia so she could give them the info they needed. The phones made me have to master multi-tasking…as did the copy machine. The copier at The Family Center is extremely slow [*If anyone knows someone who wants to donate a copier to the Family Center, they would be estatic! =) ]. Therefore, if you wanted to get more than just copying done in an hour, you had to do something else while you copy. That means you start the copies, start your task, unjam the copier, start your task, check on the copies, finish your task. I’m being a little dramatic, but not much, but I had to learn that multi-tasking is essential in the real world. Along with all the multi-tasking going on, I also realized the importance of self-motivation. Sometimes there wasn’t that much to do, so I would make up stuff for myself. I organized closets, cleaned, re-organized file cabinets, etc. Whatever I could do to be productive with my time there. That required me to be self-motivated, even on the days I didn’t want to be. I think the director knew I could handle bigger tasks because I proved to her I could handle the small ones, on my own. Because I will be working as a Focus First coordinator for the non-profit group Impact Alabama starting in July, I think my internship has given me an invaluable amount of skills. I will be setting up eye exams in headstarts in the 67 counties in Alabama. Therefore, I’m going to have to be able to motivate myself every day I am at work, and I am going to have to be able to multi-task enough that I can tell all of my co-workers where we are going and what we are doing when we get there. My internship at The Family Center, although it let me see my true feelings about social work and that it might not be the best career path for me, showed me what working in non-profit is like, and it is a world of difference from the corporate world.

  12. Hayley Sheffield says:

    I agree with you when you said one of the skills you have gained is networking. After attending some of the Exchange Club of Mobile meetings and other civic meetings around town with our director, I have realized that networking is extremely important. I have never been one who wants to sit around and listen to who is more successful or whose company has the most investments. However, when working for a non-profit, it is more than just that. You have to have support from businesses and sometimes people who like to sit around and talk about how successful they are. If that means your group, who ultimately is there to help the community in some way, is funded by those people, you have to take care of business, and listen as long as they want to talk. Networking in our society has become a major factor in whether individuals and companies/agenices make it, and it has to be done.

  13. Melanie Kammerer says:

    In many ways I do consider my internship a professional position. I am very fortunate to have found an internship that challenged me and allowed me to figure things out on my own, much like it was my career on the line if things did not go right. I was pushed to exceed the expectations and bring in my own sponsors, donations, and participants as though I was hired on full-time like the women I work with. I must say that it was difficult at times not only in the professional aspects but also the personal portion as well, learning just who I am and how I feel about the world of business. The best thing I obtained from my time spent I would probably say is the in-depth reality given by being thrown into the job as though it was a career, especially in the non-profit industry. It is not as though I had no clue of what it would be like, but knowing and experiencing are completely different. While of course I both sharpened and gained many professional skills, one of the biggest realizations I came across was that some “professionals” are not professional at all. I don’t mean the two women I worked directly with, but many people we encountered almost astonished me in how they acted. I guess I have always had the idea that when you go to work, there is a sense of class that comes along with it and the ethics of business come easy for honest working people. Many times I found that this was not the case though, and had to quickly adapt to work with them to make the best of what was available. It was strange to see that even a business founded on a good cause looking to help others may not find the value of every dollar if it is not at or above the expected amount to be raised. Due to this, it became even more important on our end to act even more professional to help those who may be lacking in order to have a successful event. If I was asked to give specific skills or qualities I would have to say that the importance of networking has never been more clear, and persistence is key to any business transaction, even when it may make you feel like those relentless sales people who ask five times if they can help you in any way. Everyone needs helpful reminders I guess.

  14. Melanie Kammerer says:


    Your event was great! I have always thought that there needs to be a true networking event where both the alumni and students feel comfortable to talk and know what they are going to try and accomplish while there. I have found through my internship just how much goes into these events and I’m sure you can relate to how many little details you will now notice at every event you attend from here on out. Meeting some of the alumni this weekend it was refreshing to find out that Spring Hill is not only known in the south and many alumni extend all over the country, remembering their time at the “Jesuit College of the South” as well. I’m sure there had to be a lot of stress on your end trying to extend out to alumni through email, but well worth it for the students that attended. I love hearing stories about the days of the Hill in the past and how maybe we are not as crazy as the administration thinks.

  15. Jess Gouldthorpe says:

    Top skills and qualities that I have learned are team work, resposibility, confidence in my work, and the importance of the business and publics relationship. I have been challenged throughout this whole internship andfrom the experiences I have learned that these qualities and skills are really important. I learned that team work is really important through and experience at the internship where the other person was so streessed from the situation, they decided to just leave me to do a two person job by myself. I was really frustrated and was challenged to finish the project by myself. From that experence I learned that team work and work ethic reflect through the work. I had to be able to get over the situation and continue a good employee realtionship with the person. Responsibility is a big part of the non-profit organization because it is a small business and there are a small amount of employees assigned to a big amount of work. And in order for the business to run successfully workers have to be responsible and get things done on time. There were times when I didn’t get things done in a timely manner and it seemed minor but it affected things in a big way.

  16. Alyse Granier says:

    Blair, I’m so proud of you for creating something so valuable at your internship. The product of your hard work is actually tangible and appreciated by others around you. The exhibit you’re helping to create will be admired by community members. This is an incredible accomplishment. You should be proud of your efforts and dedication that you’ve given to this internship. I am.

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