Describe your internship including the type of environment, your daily repsonsibilities, the organization, who or what it serves, is the job what you expected? What type of orientation did you receive? Talk about the people of your organization. Is it team focused or more competitive? How do people work with one another? How does the supervisor manage his/her workers? how do you fit into the organization?


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  1. Alyse Granier says:

    Through the spring semester of my senior year, I will work for Gwin’s Stationery in Mobile, Alabama as the business’s sales and marketing intern. I have been employed with the company since September 3, 2009 to the present. I earned 168 hours in the fall semester and will continue my work with Gwin’s through this spring SAS internship. My supervisor and store manager, Jan Osmon, has been a wonderful mentor who has helped me to grow as an aspiring store owner and a team player in a small business environment.

    It’s a team-focused environment, we help each other out while at the same time we earn our own commission based on the number of customers we serve, our quality of service and ability to up-sell each order. There’s an age-old system here that must be understood and mastered to be proficient in sales and answering customers’ questions. Our manager, Jan, is here 90% of the time and our graphic designer, Marissa reports 50% of the day to the big print shop downtown and the smaller stationery store where I reside. Jan always offers support and constructive criticism to improve the infrastructure of the store and retain our time-honored customers. I work with the layout of the store, customer orders, individual customization, consulting on bridal and party invitations, inventory stocking, record-keeping, seasonal store designs, graphic designing (when Marissa is unavailable) and community outreach activities.

    I’m continuing to develop a broader understanding of the challenges and opportunities in managing a small business in Mobile. There are many niche stores in the Spring Hill area, and large number of the local business owners are Mobile natives and built their roots in the Spring Hill area for a long time. These businesses in the surrounding neighborhood are owned and operated by managers with a strong sense of their community and audience. They have a very targeted market and much of their customer base covers repeat buyers, respected Mobile families and other local businesses. The community is important and establishing a connection between the community and the company’s brand is crucial. There are many local activities and events that invite Mobilians and friends to learn about the local businesses and to purchase products locally. “It’s the way it’s always been,” or “I come to Gwin’s because this is where my mother came,” are true reflections of the traditions and classic values of the customers here.

    My responsibilities as the intern spread into a variety of areas including:
    – Sales
    – Consulting
    – Marketing
    – Customer Service
    – Building Community Relationships
    – Graphic Design
    – Inventory Management

    I look forward to hearing about your internships and the experiences you’ve encountered. Feel free to contact me at Best of luck this semester!

  2. edexterwilson says:

    This sounds like it is going to be quite an experience. I am most curious to hear more about the Sales aspect of the internship and how much the commission comes into play! Thanks for your reflections!

  3. Hannah Mulvey says:

    I started my internship with Sandifer Financial Raymond James about two weeks ago. This is a brokerage firm that is a branch office. I am enjoying the opportunity to work at a branch office because it is a very different environment than that of a home office. My dad works at a home office with several financial advisors (FAs), and that is the environment that I was used to. This environment however seems much more relaxed. There is only one FA and two secretaries. I am learning the benefits of a branch office, but at this point the hustle and bustle of a home office seems to be more appealing to my personality, although I am very interested to see if my opinion changes over the semester.

    Every day when I get to work I normally have a stack of papers that need to be scanned and filed. Then i check to see if there are any faxes that need to be sent or client portfolios that need to be copied. Also I am in charge of placing orders when my boss wants to send a gift to a clients home or office. Another main part of my job is to make sure that the office and kitchen supplies are stocked and if we are running low, I place an order or go to the store for replacements.

    Over the two weeks I feel that I am already learning so much and every day I am being trusted with more important tasks. The office has a system called “pink notes” which are notes that are sent electronically from computer to computer within the office very similar to instant messaging. I find that this makes things in the office run very smoothly because my boss can send me a task without even leaving his desk and they are also labeled by how urgent the task is so that I know in what order to complete my daily tasks.

    My orientation for this position was relatively quick. I mainly work for the two secretaries and on my first day they showed me around the office and showed me my desk and computer and explained to me how to know what to do first and how to know if a task is urgent or not.

    The two secretaries are very nice young women and I get along with them very well! It is refreshing to have people in the work place that are understanding and helpful and these ladies are just that! Because there is only one FA in the office, our office is definitely team based. We all work together for the best interest of the office and for the best interests of the clients.

    I am really enjoying this experience and I am very excited to see how much i am going to learn over the semester!!

  4. Hayley Sheffield says:

    I am completing my internship at the Exchange Club Family Center, whose main office is located in Mobile and has another branch that was opened on the Eastern Shore last year. The Exchange Club, which is currenlty in the process of changing its name to just “The Family Center” has a goal of helping parents become better parents, whether it be individuals who have had difficulties parenting their children or just individuals who want to try and become better parents than they are now. The Exchange Club offers a series of Parenting Classes that last for 12 weeks, with each class meeting lasting for two hours . The classes are held on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings, and the topics range from stress management to tips on disciplining children. These classes are held for anyone who is interested but they are mainly taken by individuals who have had their children taken away by the Department of Human Resources and have to have the classes to get their children back, or by indviduals who will have their children taken away if they do not attend some type of parenting class. Therefore, there is a wide range of individuals that one must deal with at this center: poor, rich; white, black; educated, non-educated; friendly, unfriendly. Because I am looking into going into social work, this internship will provide me with the hands-on-experience to let me know if social work is something I would really enjoy and give me the opportunity to come across many different family arrangements. The center also does supervised visits, which is where a non-custodial parent has to have supervision during their visitation of their child. The Exchange Club sets up these visits as the parents request them and allows the children to not have to be placed in difficult situations during the visits. In addition to the supervised visits, they also have a system that allows parents who have restraining orders to exchange their children on holidays and weekends at the center instead of having to go to the police station. The Exchange Club works to ensure that parents become better parents and that the children of these families are exposed to the least amount of negativity as possible. All of this I learned through the Executive Director of the organization showing me around the center and daily telling me new things about the center. I also, on my first day, was able to attend a Kiwanas Club meeting with Lydia Pettijohn, the executive director, and she discussed the club with the members of the Kiwanas Club. This luncheon allowed me to hear all about this center and the great services it provides.
    At the Exchange Club thus far, my duties have been mostly secretarial. I have called clients who have not come in in a while and inquired as to whether they will be using the Exchange Club’s services any longer. I have also copied paperwork, typed materials, and entered data into a spreadsheet. I have not been able to participate in any monitored exchanges yet, nor have I got to help with an actual exchange of any children, but as I learn the ropes more, I will be allowed to do both of these things. Just being in the office and getting to hear all the calls has really helped me to see the world of social work already. It is a challenging but always interesting thing. Because it takes such an effort when dealing with the majority of the clients who have had some sort of experience with the justice system, it takes a group effort for this center to run. No one individual could make it as effective as it is. I have enjoyed the group effort I have been able to be involved in thus far, and I hope I continue to get such great experience working with an organization who is helping individuals better themselves and their children each and every day.

  5. Megan Powe says:

    I will be spending the semester as an Administrative Intern at Cogburn Health and Rehabilitation Centers. Cogburn Health and Rehab is a nursing home and has three locations in Mobile. I will rotate to the different facilities to observe the various management styles and shadow the administrators at each facility. I started at the first center last week. This center is managed by a male administrator who has a relaxed philosophy about how his facility should be run.

    I had an orientation in the first day that was typical of any health care facility. I had to have a drug test, background check, and TB skin test. Then, I went to the employee education center to watch the orientation videos about patient privacy, patient care, HIPAA violations, blood borne pathogens, and nursing home marketing and hospitality.

    Unfortunately, my first administrator has been out sick for the past couple of days, so I have had limited interactions with him since I began interning at Cogburn. When the administrator is not around, I shadow his secretary. She gave me a tour of the facility, and introduced me to the department heads of the nursing home. The employees of this facility are very friendly; they always greet each other and all the patients by name. From what I have observed so far, the employees are very patient oriented. They have fun activities set up for the patients, for example, the entire facility participated in a staff birthday party today and after the party there was a patient vs. staff volleyball game.

    When my administrator gets well, I hope to be more exposed to his role in the nursing home. For now, I know my responsibilities will include basic clerical duties in the administration office and in the others departments that I may report to. I will go to all the departments in each facility that I work in to compare them to one another. For example, I would be able to compare the therapy sessions at one location with the sessions at another location. The basic structure should be the same within the sessions, but with different locations and different management styles some rules may not be followed as closely depending on how strict the administrator may be.

    So far, I am enjoying my time at Cogburn and am anxious to see what I will learn from this experience!

  6. Lindsay Nadeau says:

    I am completing my internship with Legal Services of Alabama which helps low income families or individuals who have legal problems. There are offices throughout the state of Alabama, with the main office in Birmingham. The office that I will be working in is located downtown and serves Mobile as well as many neighboring counties. There are about five lawyers who work there as well as a few paralegals. Most of the paralegals work specifically with one or more of the lawyers. They also have a couple of secretaries and a Jesuit Volunteer who screens potential clients and determines if they qualify for services or if they should be referred to another agency. They have a supervising attorney who oversees and approves all decisions. The other lawyers each work in different fields and once a month they have a unit meeting to catch up with one another.

    For my orientation I was introduced to most of the staff (some were in court) and shown the office. I am currently in the third week of interning and so far every time I come I have something different to do. The first week I read through the log book of all referrals made in 2009 and categorized them to send to Washington D.C. for funding purposes. I have been working with one lawyer who deals with domestic violence and divorce cases and some days I call clients for her or scan materials for cases. I have also typed letters about cases, court dates, etc… I also have done some research on different laws and public records.

    So far I am enjoying the internship. Legal Services helps a lot of people, but I have realized that they cannot help everyone and many people get turned away because there is a shortage of resources. This experience is very good for me because it combines the two things I enjoy: social work and the legal field.

  7. Chelsea S. Mack says:

    My internship this spring semester is at WHIL radio station. The enviroment is very laid-back for now until March when WHIL has a annual fundraiser to gain more money for the radio station because of being a non-profit organization. This yells, busy! Also, there are different volunteers that come in everyday, so I get to meet many people, as well. A good way to network! My position at the radio station will be Volunteer Coordinator and I will be managing who comes througout the week to read different programs over the radio. So, my daily responsibilities will be just that making phone calls to various people to check to see his/her availability to come in to the radio station. The organization as a whole serves to inform and entertain people in different counties of Mobile with knowledge about local news, sports, editorials, cars, music, and etc.

    My orientation was very simple because Mr. Brad Martin, the Operations Director and Director of the Reading Services, my supervisor went over all the details of the radio station such as the different programs read by the volunteers, the contact information for the volunteers, and what position the employees have at the radio station. He personally took me around to greet everyone and the special thing about it is my supervisor has a disablity, blindness. So, I feel blessed to be able to work with someone who has a disability and a lot to be grateful for; however, he is able to still function just like a person without a disability. Hopefully, later Mr. Brad can show me how to use the equipment when recording over the air because I’m thinking about going into radio, broadcast, or the music industry. So, I believe this will be a great experience for my future.

    The employees of WHIL are very sociable and laid-back. My favorite employees beside my supervisor is Ms. Kathy and Ms. Mandie, one is the ebony porn secretary and the other helps with the Reading Services but they are just lovely young ladies. They make me feel so comfortable.

    I believe this organization has to be a team focused because their non-profit. Also, I know I will fit will with this organzation because I love to work and very personable but can be laid-back , too. I love to work with a team that is doing something for a good cause and WHIL is doing just that! I can’t wait to see what I learn because I can’t get enough of it!

  8. Blair Boudreaux says:

    This semester I am the Collections intern at the Museum of Mobile. My theology major includes so much history that I thought this internship would be fitting, and these past three weeks have proved that. Upon first arriving at my internship this semester, Jacob Laurence, my supervisor, took me on a complete tour of the museum. Not only that, but he also introduced me to most of the employees. This was wonderful because they know me by name and I am already fostering a relationship with a lot of them. Although I am familiar with the staff, I work upstairs in a secluded part of the Museum with the Curator of Exhibits and Collections, as well as a Collections Tech. The environment is small, intimate, and quiet, which provides an immediate sense of productivity.

    The Collections department of the Museum concentrates on finding artifacts and doing research to get documents and artifacts into the museum. By doing this the Museum acquires more resources allowing them to have more exhibits. Collections is also concerned with researching and delving into the artifacts and documents they have already acquired so that they can include as many relevant artifacts in an exhibit as possible. As part of this department, I am working on a specific project that has already been collected. I am solely responsible for looking through all the documents, which in this case are letters, tracing a family called the Yuille’s. The Yuille’s were the first commercial bakers in Mobile and they moved here in the 1830’s from Scotland. Little is known about the family, but the letters that have been collected help to trace the relations, business matters, and intimate details about the family. I have my own workroom upstairs and each day I settle in at my desk, put on gloves, and read through the letters. As I read them I take notes on important things I come across that help to make the family history more coherent.

    In November when I first met with Jacob, he gave me a few options as to what I would like to help them with, and I was drawn to the Yuille processing project. Therefore, I knew exactly what was to be expected of me upon starting this internship. Although reading hand written letters from the 1800’s can be difficult and at times monotonous, I am enjoying it. I have a lot of freedom and privacy, which gives me confidence that the people around me trust me. Everyone works together as an ensemble there, despite having different responsibilities. The Museum serves the community of Mobile with rich history and entertaining exhibits; this purpose leaves no room for competition between the employees.

    I feel like a valuable part of the team at my internship because of how much needs to be done in the Collections department. Jacob told me on the first day that even if I only get three percent of the letters read, than I will have helped the Museum immensely. That makes me feel confident that every little bit I do helps, and also takes the pressure of me to complete the project, which is very large and quite time consuming. Thus far I like what I am doing and working at the Museum of Mobile. I have high hopes that the internship will continue to be fulfilling and beneficial to my future.

  9. Jessica Makowski says:

    My intership for this spring is at Alabama Legal Services. The office is loacated in downtown Mobile. It offers legal services for those lower income citizens that cannot afford a private attorney, on cases such as divorce, bankruptcy etc. After my interview I was given a packet with the expectations and guidelines that ALS has for its interns. On my first day I was given an instruction binder to read on how to intake clients. Other than these two things, my orientation has been pretty much learn as you go. My daily responsibilities generally include completing a clients file, filing cases, filling out forms and letters and copying them, and organizing paperwork. Before I acquired this internship I was warned by various people that my job was probably going to be that of a “paper pusher” so the job is what I expected. However, recently I was given the project of creating and updating a resource list for clients. This project requires me to research various resources that the clients are in need of, call them and confirm their services, their address and phone number and compile the information into an easily read pamphlet. And although I know that attorneys do more than just paperwork and that is what interns(like me) are for, I’m not sure if I want to persue a career in law, yet.
    The atmosphere is generally relaxed, but occasionally it can get hectic. It just depends on what deadlines the attorneys have for that day. The attorneys aren’t competitive because they have seperate clients and cases due to the fact that they work in seperate areas of law. Also, the fact that these attorneys do not work strictly off of the commission they receive from their clients, they are not driven to acquire as many clients and cases as possible. I would say that attorneys and their assistants are more team focused because the attorneys consult each other about cases to get another opinion or information on things they are unsure of, and the assistants help more than their assigned attorney whenever other attorneys get backed up with paperwork. The supervisor, attorney Ann Brown, is almost always avaliable to answer any questions the other attoneys might have about their cases. She also holds individual meetings with the attorneys to make sure that the cases are being handled correctly and running smoothly. On top of individual meetings, she also holds group meetings with the attorneys to discuss any changes in policy and any relevent issues.
    My role in this organization is that of a general assistant. I report to the same attorney everyday to see if she needs help with any cases or paperwork and if she doesn’t or if it isn’t that much, I assist the other attorneys with anything they might need help with that day.

  10. Melanie Kammerer says:

    This semester I will be continuing my internship with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The office here in Mobile is a satellite to the main office in Birmingham for the Alabama/Gulf Coast Chapter. There are two full-time employees in the office, and they both manage their own events. Our little office here in Mobile is responsible for all events in Mobile, Pensacola, and Panama City. Molly Walker is in charge of Team In Training, an event where participants sign up to fundraise for the Society while training for a marathon or triathlon. Lindsay Guthrie is in charge of Light the Night and the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Both of these events are held both in Mobile and Pensacola, with an extra Regatta in Panama City. On top of these events, we hold cocktail events, informational meetings and patient promotions mostly here in Mobile to help raise extra money and to give support to patients.

    These women work very hard. Planning full events such as these from mapping routes down to designing t-shirts and ordering food can be quite the workload. On top of that we’re constantly recruiting teams to be involved in these events and holding promotional meetings and/or visiting patients here in Mobile. The money raised goes toward research and patient financial aid. It is amazing how far treatment has come since the Society began. I know for myself, it makes working here easier to have positive information for the families who call looking for support after a diagnosis. At least a couple of times a week past participants or patients will just stop in to see how they too can help on the side.

    My daily responsibilities change as the events come and go. Some days I will be calling people who have shared interest in our programs, some I will be designing flyers and mailing them to races around Mobile to be handed out to runners. I’ve also been in charge of coming up with new ways to help market events, searching the internet to help recruit participants, as well as setting up caterings menus for cocktail/promotional meetings. Sometimes I am there just to help answer the phone or to give a new perspective and helping hand on the upcoming to-do list for the next event. It is really my job to help where needed, and these things change each and every day. I am also in charge of Pennies for Patients, where I travel to schools and recruit them to have students bring pennies to school for the Society, gaining either dress down days or just a fun school activity in the mean time. My biggest job here lately is running my own event, Big Climb, which is an additional event chapters can manage just to help boost up fundraising. This event will be held here in Mobile, and participants will be racing up the stairs of a building either in single or relay fashion. It is managed a lot like Team In Training but is an entirely new event to Mobile and I am very excited to have control over it.

    I have learned so much since I began as an intern here last fall, and I’m excited to be able to run my own event! While we all have different roles here on a daily basis, it is amazing to be able to come together in light of helping others through their difficult time. We reach out to patients and add them to events as honored heros, where participants are given a biography and short description of what that patient is diagnosed with. In turn either the patient or their family will open our events with a speech or even just a ‘thank you’. While the workload may sometimes seem large, it is a great feeling to know that hard work pays off for those who cannot help themselves. Three weeks after I began my internship, a friend of mine from home was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was able to contact the local chapter and send support her way as well!

    As far as orientation, I was really showed around the office, how to send a fax and how to use the copy machine (which can do amazing things!). Other than that, the ladies began giving me a list of things to do and an invitation to lunch when we found the time! LLS is a great organization that I am proud to be a part of!

  11. Alyse Granier says:

    It looks like everyone is doing great! Keep up the good work, I hope your internships have been as rewarding of an experience for you all as it has been for me.

    • Wonderful site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any user discussion
      forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like
      to be a part of group where I can get opinions from other
      experienced individuals that share the same interest.

      If you have any suggestions, please let me
      know. Cheers!

      • edexterwilson says:

        Yes, you can go to LinkedIn and search for groups related to career development. There are several very good ones including Career Development Professionals, Careerealism and interpro.

  12. Andrea Hicks says:

    This semester I will be interning at the Headquarters of America’s Junior Miss. The type of environment that I work at on a daily basis is one that is extremely busy during this time of year because there is so much preparation that has to get done before summer since that is when the major events of the America’s Junior Miss pageant. In this job there are several skills that one must have in order to stay on top of things and allow them to run smoothly; the first and by far most important is you must be organized there is so many little details that go into account at this job that one step forgotten could mean a whole state forgotten in the pageant. The next skill is you have to be friendly and personable because you are constantly meeting and working with new people so you need to be able to get along with them which in turn makes the job more fun as well. Another quality you have to have is you must know how to multitask and work fast but efficiently. There is always something to do and the to do list goes on and on so in order to get everything accomplished and in a timely manner you will find yourself having to do several things at one time or you will never finish. The job as of now is mostly all of the behind the scenes work and preparation right now so there is a lot of sponsorship events that are going on, like we have a Fashion Show coming up in March. The job in a way was what I expected because I knew it would be busy and a very social environment, however I thought that we would be dealing more with the participants of the pageant, but they don’t start things like that until the summer. I have however got to interact with the winner of 2009 which I really enjoyed.

    The type of orientation that I received was a very hands on my first day they were putting me out there and giving me the same kind of tasks that they were giving the people that had been there for months. I had to do computer work, filing, handling the phones, and all kinds of errands. At first it was extremely overwhelming, but once I got the hang of it nobody could tell I was the new girl in town. The people at my organization are some of the most helpful and friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting they are very patient which made things a whole lot easier for me. Our team is more focused than competitive because we all know that no one can do our job by themselves and unless everybody does their part then our program will not be successful and we would let the girls down. The best way to describe that way our team works is if I compare it to the neurons in the brain, everybody is constantly firing of messages and tasks to one another and then reverting the messages and tasks back to everyone else. Everybody is constantly going and on the move working hard to stay on top of things. Our supervisor manages her time and workers by staying involved instead of just telling everybody what to do and just watching she is more hands on and gets on our level and works along-side us when she can. She is also very encouraging and positive with the workers from the top people all the way down to us interns she treats everybody with the same kindness and respect, because she knows at the end of the day we are all working to achieve the same goal. In my organization at first I stood out like the color red in a black and white movie. I was lost and needed a lot of help, but now you couldn’t tell me apart from anybody else that works there and I get told I’m doing a good job a lot so I think they are starting to appreciate my efforts a lot more and I enjoy working there a lot more too.

  13. mary keller says:

    The internship at Spring Hill College Alumni Office is much different than last semester’s internship at Mobile Chamber of Commerce. It is refreshing to wake up and walk to a job early in the morning. Living on campus allows this intern to take a stroll down Spring Hill’s sidewalks before entering the job site. The environment at Spring Hill College Alumni Office is relaxed. The workers have a friendly attitude in their work ethic; they smile and joke around but still are focused on their work.

    The responsibilities for the intern at the Alumni Office depends on the day. Like most non-profits, participation is key for members. They rely on the alumni to participate in events such as alumni weekend in the spring this year. Lately, I have been helping with mailings and working on events that the Alumni Office sponsors. For example, the Alumni Office is helping Career Service with alumni support for a professional forum in February. I have been working with alumni by calling them to see if they will attend the forum.

    The Spring Hill College Alumni office is devoted to securing Alumni relations by providing network events for them. They offer local and national events and maintain the National Alumni Board. The organization mainly serves alumni and their family. I strategically took this particular internship because my senior project will focus on networking with alumni and students. The knowledge gained from the internship will help my senior project tremendously. I expect to learn about how a non-profit fortifies relations with members and the type events that are produced.

    As far as orientation, there was none. I was familiar with the daily procedures that the alumni office takes on but each day is different. My first day was stuffing mailings to be sent out about alumni weekend and my second day was calling participants for the alumni forum.

    The employees at the Alumni Office are very friendly and professional. They are very experience; my adviser, Monde Donaldson, used to work at Spring Hill several years ago but moved to a high school fundraising position. After a few years, she returned to Spring Hill Alumni Office with a new perspective. I can already tell that the ladies in the alumni office appreciate any help that can be offered and are willing to put a grave amount of responsibilities in their interns. This is refreshing but also scary. That being said, I feel competent that any task they provide is accomplishable because the group at the Alumni office is like a family. They help each other out yet give the intern a certain amount of independence.

    The internship day at Alumni Office is task based. The supervisor creates a list for the intern to complete. As an intern, I am doing the time consumer work that is easy like looking up numbers for people to call and then calling them. I am very excited for this experience and hope I can take it with me long after graduation.

  14. Jess Gouldthorpe says:

    I am an intern at Space 301 Contemporary Arts Center. Space 301 is located downtown on Conti Street and it used to be the Mobile Press Register building, so it is a pretty vast space for art. I work with six other employees and all of the tasks I do are either in collaboration with all the employees or under a separate one. I chose this place because I did an internship last spring at the Mobile Museum of Art and I wanted gallery experience because it is on a smaller level and employee relationships are more close knit. Space 301 provides the public with local and national contemporay art work, provides adult and children art classes, and does community outreah programs.

    I went into this internship wanting to get experience in curatorail studies, but I was subjected to all the departments of the business and quickly realized that my passion was not curating. I helped with daily operations, worked under administration, worked with the public, did a little it of graphic design work, created the CLA’s membership survey, changed rental facility pricing for Space 301, and helped with events. Space 301 is a non-profit organization and I learned what it meant to be non-profit and how the business keeps it’s doors open. Through membership, doantions, grants, and rentals, Space 301 is able to provide the public with free admission to contemporary art work. I love the space and I love the art work that comes through, and this is one of the reasons I chose to do my internship there.

    The employees are very close knit and work well together and it porvided a comfortable working environment for me. I was really unconfident and shy when I first started but as I grew closer with the employees I gained confidence in my work. They taught me to never be afraid to ask questions, never be afraid to talk to the public (especially when people touch art work!), and to keep myself informed and prepared at all times. One of the most important things I also learned was that the art world can be a cut-throat place; it’s very competitive. I already know this from experience in studio classes, but when it comes to the business of buying and selling artwork and showing it in exhibits, it’s strickly business. There are many aspects of the art-world, you have the artists, the critics and historians, and the galleries and museums. Artists are making work that they love and are trying to make money doing it, critics and historians are making intelllectual connections, and the galleries and museums are showing work for a price. Working at Space taught me that running a gallery is a business and that it can be really complicated and controversial at times.

    I learned a lot of imporat things interning at Space 301 such how to hang shows, how to prepare and set up exhibits, how to set up events and all the marketing that goes into it, and all the departments and there importance in the busniess. Working there prepared me for a job in a gllery if I chose that direction but it also made me aware that I really won’t be genuinely happy pursuing a career in this field. I really enjoyed the knowledge I gained and networking that came from this internship. My advisor worked with me on a employee level and a personal level. She gave me a lot of direction and personal knowledge about the buniness and schooling that I will keep with me forever.

  15. Mark Manning says:

    My internship is with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. It is a very hard working, yet relaxed environment. All of the men and women in my office are very highly-trained professionals who have put a lot of time, practice, and commitment into what they do. My daily tasks and responsibilities vary. I have done everything from looking through logs for the names of criminal suspects to just running to the gas station to pick up a coke. My organization serves the United States Department of Justice. The internship is pretty much what I expected. I am neither surprised or disappointed so that is good. I didn’t really receive any orientation other than the special agents making me the butt of every joke because I am the intern; but that doesn’t bother me. That’s how brotherhood is made. The structure of my organization is very team focused because the special agents trust one another with their lives; however the hiring process is a different story because it is extremely competitive. The supervisor, or Resident Agent in Charge, is a really nice and laid back guy. Everyone calls him by his first name and pretty much treats him as an equal for the most part. I also haven’t sensed any tension or hostility of any sort on an internal level. The men and women in this office act like family and they would do anything for one another. I hear that this is common in law enforcement. I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the people that I work with. That much is for sure.

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